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As an accomplished entrepreneur, Los Silva has extensive experience founding and leading successful companies. He is a sought-after public speaker, using an engaging style to inspire audiences nationwide. When not working on his own ventures or speaking, Los serves as a trusted advisor to other entrepreneurs and businesses focused on leadership development and growth strategy. With his diverse background in scaling brands to advising larger companies, Los provides valuable insights leaders can apply immediately in their own organizations to effectively scale up. His practical knowledge allows Los to educate and guide others towards growth and success.

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By providing elite business consulting, I help brands accelerate their growth. My clients are able to focus on their higher purpose while rapidly scaling their companies to disrupt entire industries. Together, we shape the future.

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As an experienced founder, CEO and strategist in acquiring and divesting businesses, Los possesses valuable insights into building scalable brands and leading high-performing teams.  Grounded in entrepreneurial acumen and a nuanced understanding of managing talent, Los offers wisdom beyond his years when counseling executives and founders alike. 

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That's just sad man

Being average and being ok with average is unacceptable for me. If you don't like it then no problem we don't need to be friends.

Being exceptional is the only option.



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Just the harsh truth man

You need to be able to read body language in these events, don't talk to ppl that dont want to talk to you once you've approved them, just end the convo and move on.



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What if I told you

The reason you love your mom and bestie
Is the same reason you suck at getting leads 

You know what it is ? 


Crazy right ? But true 
stick with me 

So you make content right now to get leads
At least a little I’m sure but … 
It doesn’t get you leads 
So you buy ads 
And that gets some but it’s expensive
You blame the agency 
The platforms 
Your team 

But … 
God forbid you blame the fact your content 
A- sucks and 
B - is not enough 

So not only do you make shit content
But also you don’t even make enough of it 

Damn son ! Ouch 🫣
Don’t be mad I hit you where it hurts 
It’s fine you are still a good person 🫢

So how do I fix it Los ?? 
You prob said that in your head didn’t you ?

I digress .. so here’s how you fix it 

1- Take  accountability of the fact I’m right 
2- don’t make stuff to just put out 
( have a plan & a reason) I’ll expand in a bit 
3- invest more in content
4- get over your insecurity 

No one knows what they wore yesterday 
So ppl won’t care if it sucks at first 
They will only remember the fact they see it

Often. If you make more 
The more you make 
With purpose the more you will create impressions more of those
Create a feeling of omnipresence 
Especially if you retarget to your offer 

So get one and paper 
Write what your gonna create 
Then make it and make more 

Next post I’ll show you how to distribute it 

Ps… add personality 
Most people create bland basic and boring 
Be you .. unless your boring 
Then take acting classes. 

If you want help  dm me we can jam. 

Be like a sharp shooter

That's how you can get those easy wins in an arguement.



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We all know what I said is true.

Deep down everyone knows they are too soft with themselves, they're too comfortable and it's hurting their business and personal life.

Once you realise that and solve it then watch your life change around.



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Sometimes it's not what it seems to be

From the outside entrepreneurship always looks better than what is really is on the inside.

Don't get me wrong it's still f*cking great but most of you guys couldn't handle the stress and it would wreck your lives.

Don't get sucked into a lie, know what your getting into.



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Networking is simple honestly

Just don't be that guy in the room that is desperate for connections.

The room can always smell the desperate guy and trust me no one networks with that.



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Just a couple million there & there yk

Having multiple agencies enables you to be more efficient, more specialised which means higher retention rate for clients and better result.

You can also charge higher ticket prices for each product.

It's just 10X better.



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