Why You Need to Use My AMP Method to Amplify Your Content

Today, I want to talk to you about something that we in this office are dubbing, “The AMP Method.”

So what does AMP stand for, and why is it important?

AMP stands for amplify message production.

Now, what does that mean?

You as an influencer, as a content creator, which is pretty much what everyone should be for their business… someone who creates content.

Not necessarily an influencer in the space of like, “Look at my Lambo, I’m a douchebag over here, I have a Gucci watch.”

More so in the message of like, “I’m an influencer to the people that I serve, to the products that I promote, and to the things that I believe in, that help my business grow.”

Right? An influencer in that sense.

You need to constantly amplify your message.

You are probably already creating content. If you’re not, you are behind. You have to start creating content.

However, if you are creating content, most of the time, most of the influencers that I work with and I talk to, focus on one channel.

So, what’s the problem with doing it with one channel?

The problem with doing it with one channel is that you’re speaking to and attracting one kind of person.

I know this for a fact, because of how much media I run. How many people I work with, and by watching how social has really grown.

People spend their times on different channels, and you as an influencers need to reach those people. Every type of person within your niche.

We are living in a time where we just now have gained the opportunity to be in front of massive amounts of people.

That people can potentially connect with us, at a price that we can afford.

Most of us can’t afford to spend all the money in the world on ads for television, and honestly, who is that going to serve?

We work with people that have used television as advertising, and they never see the conversions compared to what they can do with amplified messaging.

So, think of it like this… you are already creating content. Next, you need to start amplifying that content to multiple social platforms to reach the right people in different spaces.

If you’re making content for YouTube, you need to then chop that content to go on Instagram, IGTV, Instagram stories, Facebook, LinkedIn, private Facebook groups, Twitter, whatever it may be.

You’re think okay makes sense. I can edit my videos to fit the needs of each social platform to expand my following.

However, you then need to chop that content even further.

Breaking that same Youtube video down by having it transcribed.

Once it is transcribed you can edit your written content for your blog, Twitter, social statuses, long form posts, emails, Medium posts.. etc.

You’re thinking now… “Wow, yeah that is crazy I can do that.”

I will give you another source of amplification… rip that audio, put it into Spotify. Use it for your podcast.

Is it starting to sound overwhelming? Sure it is, but if you write the right process down and build a system, it’s actually something that you can achieve.

Do you have to start in 10 different places? No, but start in the next immediate one.

I see way too many influencers have 300,000 people on Facebook, and then have 150 followers on Twitter. Or they have 100,000 people on YouTube, and don’t have a Facebook page.

People are watching where they want to be. Many on multiple platforms.

Me personally, I spend all my time on YouTube. I don’t go on Facebook. I know there’s Facebook Watch. I could care less.

However, you know who doesn’t care less? All the people that watch Facebook Watch and don’t join YouTube.

You know who doesn’t care at all? All the people that are watching Instagram stories and IGTV.

You know who doesn’t give a flying flip about Instagram stories? The people that only listen to podcasts, right?

So you are creating a detriment to yourself by creating content, but failing to push that content to multiple platforms. Failing to create even more conversations.

You need to create a map, a strategy, that puts it out everywhere for you, that is how you need to be thinking.

What are my top 3 immediate platforms where I can push my content?

If you’re already creating it for Instagram, start by creating something for IGTV, something special just for the people there.

Or start thinking on ways you can make your posts special for that specific audience. For example, I make my posts for my Instagram feed longer. More teaching/conversation based.

I have a different conversations with the people that read my posts, and engage in that kind of capacity.

If you are on YouTube, start thinking of ways you can branch to different social platforms by simply taking a few extra moments to chop the content you have already created.

If you’re not distributing your content, if you’re not using a method like AMP, or if you’re not putting your message out.. you’re hurting yourself.

You are creating a limited space for yourself.

We live in a world where your message can be heard by everyone if you follow the right structure. If you simply put extra time and thought into it.

If you’re reading this and immediately start thinking that if you make processes and begin to amplify your content, that you are going to explode. You are wrong.

It takes time. It takes trust. People have to know, like, and trust you.

My plan for you today is… write down everywhere you already amplify content, and then write down the next places that make the most sense, and start there.

As always, if you need help, just fill the boxes below.

You can apply to work with me, and if you are a good fit, we can have a conversation on what that looks like.