$0 To $20,000 A Month From Local Fitness Training To Online Coaching

What’s up, guys. 

As most of you know, our company focuses primarily on helping coaches and trainers in the fitness space build their fitness business, and in a simplified, systematic, and scalable way. 

Recently, I’ve been talking a lot about these fit pro’s doing it all online, but what about if you’re a local trainer? What if you don’t have an online business? Are you even able to start one and scale it?

Well, yeah, you can. And that’s what I want to talk to you guys about today. 

How to make the transition from a local trainer to an online business that’s scaling profitably. 

So, I have a friend, her name is Meriam, and she’s a local trainer that lives near me and we’re members of the same club. When we started working together, she was killing it locally. She had steady clients, she was getting by comfortably, making pretty damn good money, but she honestly didn’t have any more time left. Like, no free time to do anything other than train day in, day out.

She’s married with children and tons of responsibility, but she just doesn’t have the time to be able to take more people on. Before we started working together, we had a talk about how she was doing with her local business and what we were doing within our business. 

I told her what we do online for local coaches and trainers, how we build and scale businesses with them and she immediately exclaimed that she needed help and wanted to know what was needed to work with us. Knowing enough about her business as I did, I didn’t really need to go through the whole process of an application with her because I already knew she would be a good fit for us, and us for her, so we pre-qualified her and started the next steps. 

We started her with the social process where we helped her build the right content for her social accounts, helped to identify her ideal avatar based off what she was offering, which brought in more leads and allowed her to close more deals in a systematic fashion.

In just the first month of working together, she has gone from local trainer with zero online clients to now having 10 new clients joining this month at $2,000 each… That’s $20,000 for just those 10 new clients alone!

You think she’s making $20,000 training locally? I’ll spare you the guessing; she’s not. We helped her create the right content for strong women who want to become stronger, leaner, and healthier. 

Now, it’d be good for you if you changed the way you thought about your business and didn’t stress yourself about how you’re going to get 50 more local clients to train. You won’t be able to take on that many people, first off – there just isn’t that many hours in the day. 

But that’s the great thing about social. You can do that online, and you don’t have to go out and spend a million dollars on ads. 

I know you can do this because I do it, too. 

It’s where I get all my clients. Mostly Instagram, but still, online is where they all come from. The majority of my clients come from online, and we spend money on online ads. Most people are going to come qualified into your social. 

That’s why we call this the Social Pro System

Inside the SPS, we start by identifying our client’s ideal avatar, like we did with Meriam, and start teaching them on the right ways to approach content creation. This is how to take what they’re already doing, put that on to social media, and run ads to their pages to get more people started engaging. 

This is an easy and effective way to engage with your audience, learn about what interests them the most, and a chance for them to ask the questions that eventually lead to a sale. 

It’s also a great way to bring people into your world, and that’s what we helped Meriam do. Once that happened and she started talking with them, we took those messages and turned them into phone calls. And what do phone calls turn into? 

Closed deals. And closed deals turn into $20,000 months. 

As I said before, implementing this system inside of your business is what we help our clients do. We help social pro’s, social fit pro’s, fitness pro’s, or anyone who wants to scale their business online. If you’re local, then we can help you go social and scale your business. 

You’ll have more time, more freedom, more flexibility to do what YOU want, and feel good about how many people you’re helping. Because to be quite honest, you can only help a certain amount of people locally, but once you’re online, you can help as many people as you’d like to. 

With that said, we’ve set aside some time to talk to anyone who wants to reach out and is interested in seeing if we’d be a good fit to work together. For anyone who submits an application, we’ll give you a full strategy session call with no sales pitches or pressure to agree to anything. If it’s a good fit for us both, I’ll tell you what we’ll do next, how it will all work, and how we can support you on scaling your business. 

We can help you scale your business, have more time, more freedom, and make more money. The Social Fit Pro System will teach you how to grow your business online, secure more qualified leads while closing more deals. 

You’re in business to have more freedom, more money, help more people, and have the life you deserve. 

We can help you do it just by clicking this link.


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