100k in a Year on Instagram

[Los] What’s up, everybody? My name is Los, and I’m here with a special guest.

Today we are talking about how to leverage Instagram in 2019 to actually make money.

See the thing about Instagram is everybody’s teaching you how to grow, but not a lot of people are actually showing you how to make money.

So I brought one of my friends, Ryan along, to talk to you guys and we can have a conversation here back and forth on what we’re both doing to leverage Instagram and what we plan to do moving forward to leverage Instagram, YouTube and really the whole social platform game here in 2019.

What’s up, dude?

[Ryan] What’s up, man?

[Los] How are you?

[Ryan] I’m great. Thanks for having me up here.

[Los] So talk to everybody a little bit about just kinda what you do, who you are, how the whole vibe going on, and how you’ve created your business.

[Ryan] Well I started a long time, you know, I’ve been an internet OG, I guess. I mean, I think I met you probably six years ago maybe now?

[Los] Six or seven years.

[Ryan] I think we were actually clubbing in Orlando one night when we actually like bonded over fashion and style, so always good to keep the interests the same. For future when you’re building your Instagram, keep your interests. People like to be in common with each other.

But I, at the time I was really crushing it with SEO. I had sniper sites back then. I had like 700 of those things ranking in Google for all of these like long tile terms. I was casually making anywhere from $300 to $1000 to a nice $2000 a day, off pure organic traffic, and the whole plan was to scale this business to take it to, like sell it for a million dollars and cash out.

Sell the whole network. That was my big dream and I was gonna try and do that. I thought if I had a thousand sites, I would get to that dream. Well, Google Panda update happened around 700 sites, and I lost everything pretty much overnight. I mean I say lose, but I didn’t really have anything other than a hobby and a way to make money. When that happened, I just got really depressed and started drinking my face off.

[Los] Feel you.

[Ryan] Broke up with my current girlfriend. We were together like two years prior to that. I was just kind of a degenerate mess.

Little backstory, I was a professional BMX racer, and I originally got online teaching BMXers how to get faster on their bikes. I created the first BMX training DVD. There’s since been a lot of people put them out. I don’t think any of them have been successful because the market just isn’t big enough.

[Los] Yeah

[Ryan] But I learned some lessons from that. That transitioned to the affiliate stuff, and I only found out about affiliate stuff from going to networking events and talking to people and surrounding myself with people of better opportunity, I guess you could say.

[Los] Yeah

[Ryan] When I was in my little, dark depression, drinking every night I realized that my image and wardrobe and what I was presenting did not match my intelligence level and what I was trying to portray.

[Los] Yeah.

[Ryan] So I basically found fashion and style. I was like, I need to, and I was convinced that my girlfriend broke up with me because she wanted to be with a guy that wore a suit all the time. We tell ourselves some dumb things in our heads to make ourselves happy. But I went out and spent all my little, what I had left was like $2000.

I redid my whole wardrobe. I slept on an air mattress. Didn’t care about anything else except for going out every night and wearing my new clothes and looking cool to try to impress all the people that are now seeing me single. So stupid when you look back on it.

What I started to realize was people actually really did take a impression on how you look. And first impressions do matter. I started getting invited to better opportunities and parties and meeting the owners of restaurants, and getting well connected locally.

That lead to me doing a couple like personal stylist things for a couple my friends. One of those friends has since gone on to Wall Street, and he’s now making over a million dollars a year. He’s really successful.

But I remember when he was a scrub wearing board shorts all the time. I started doing that, and I was like well the marketer in me started coming up. I was like I can make a digital product. We can put this online. I’ll start making YouTube videos and I’m gonna sell out of this thing.

That’s exactly what I did. I built up a YouTube channel from zero to close to 30 thousand subscribers now. I stopped doing style and fashion around 22, 23 thousand subscribers on YouTube. But I created tons of digital products in that space, and I really just got burnt out on teaching grown men how to dress.

I was signed with agencies to deals with like Neutrogena, Aqua Velva, Gillette, Dollar Shave Club, Thursday Boots, like I was in talks to do stuff with major companies and YouTube algorithm did something weird and then cuss words were no longer something you could do anymore.

[Los] Yeah.

[Ryan] But it affected all of my videos and really I woke up one night, and at the time I had like five or six hundred videos on there and like half of them were demonetized. In YouTube language that means you don’t make any money from those videos. In the longer scheme of things, YouTube was no longer showing those videos organically.

[Los] Yeah

[Ryan] So I lost again, like the SEO bug kind of bit me and I was losing organic traffic. I since turned to Instagram when that happened. I really need to reinvent myself for what I feel is my true passion, and style and fashion is. I just felt like we were talking, you should just always know you should dress well.

I don’t feel like I should have–

Especially if you like it. I’ll be 75 years old and I be like, yeah that’s super trendy, I’m gonna buy it.

[Los] Yeah

[Ryan] That’s just me. That is my hunting or my other passion. I like dressing nice.

Yeah. So I just didn’t want to make a YouTube video every single day convincing grown ass men to look good.

[Los] Yeah.

[Ryan] I was just like, I can’t do this anymore. I quit. Not quit, but I just started transitioning. I went to Instagram and I had like 2000 followers when I started. I didn’t start from scratch because when you have a bigger YouTube or a decent size YouTube, you can bleed those people to your other channels.

That was a skill that I learned. So I basically just stopped doing anything on YouTube to reassess and reevaluate my life, I guess. I still kept sending daily emails. I was smart enough to build a big email list.

I had a lot of customers that were paying me recurring revenues that I had built up with the fashion stuff. But I knew most of that was built around fashion, so my time was limited. People are going to cancel, and I’m gonna be broke again.

[Los] Yeah.

[Ryan] I had about a year and I was like, I’m just gonna provide a shit ton of value on Instagram and I did that in the form of stories. Stories were, obviously they’re wildly popular now, but two years, they weren’t as popular. They were just kind of new.

Instagram had just started copying Snapchat. And I followed one guy. I gotta give him a shout out, his name is Jesse Driftwood, amazing Instagram and cinematographer, videographer. He got featured on a big YouTuber, Peter McKinnon’s channel about basically vlogging in your stories. I was like, I could do this. Sounds like a cool way to brand myself as a business, marketing, creator type.

[Los] Brand.

[Ryan] Yeah. I just want to be like, look I have a lot of skill sets. Fashion and style just happens to be one very small skill set.

[Los] Yeah.

[Ryan] I know SEO, I know ads, I know how to make content, so I wanted to showcase that. So I was like, I’ll just start vlogging in my Instagram stories in a more edited, cinematic fashion. That’s what I did.

I did a video, pretty much a video every single day. I did a 30 day challenge to start and my account grew like 400 subscribers. But what I noticed was, was not that it was growing. The DMs and the people talking to me were through the roof. And those conversations were leading to me doing consulting services and selling products, from just talking to people.

So I kept doing it. I did another 30 days and my account grew like another 500 followers and the DMs kept coming. The engagement was good. Now at the time, I was not posting on the feed at all, so this was all from stories. I was spending so much creative energy making the best thing I could in the stories, I was just neglecting the feed.

[Los] Yeah.

[Ryan} I did that for almost eight months to a year. I made a video almost every single day for a year for Instagram stories. Little 15 to 30 seconds banger, like really edited cinematic, high energy videos. I grew from like from 2000 to 7500. I wanted to get swipe up, so I always admit to this, I bought some followers to get myself to to 10K. And since the growth hasn’t been that great, but the revenue had been amazing.

[Los] Yeah.

[Ryan] Now I sell higher ticket stuff, really helping businesses and brands create content and how to do that rapidly and scale. I have an agency back home where I actually do this for local businesses. So not only do I do it for myself and teach others how to do it, but I do it for businesses and brands, which is something you don’t see too often. Somebody who actually does what they preach.

[Los] No. That’s a big thing that I talk about with the content that I make. A lot of people right now, you can see them, we were just talking about it offline, like I make this much money, I’m in a plane, I’m doing this, I’m doing that. But your cars are rented. I literally got a dude on my DMs that told me that I could go to the Sanford Airport here in Orlando and just to have me on some pictures with his jet, he’s like, you can just use my plane, sit in it, and we can take some pictures with you.

I was like that’s superbro, I’m good.

I don’t wanna do that. Because I think that everybody now is buying, they’re buying lies, right?

[Ryan} Mm-hmm.

One of the big things that I wanna make with content is like, listen, this shit’s tough. This is not as easy as the world, it’s a job for starters, sure it’s a lifestyle, but you can make anything a lifestyle, right?

[Los] Yeah.

[Ryan] But at the end of the day, if you really wanna grow something, it’s day in, day out. There’s hard parts. There’s easy parts. But everyday is gonna be different, 100% if you’re doing your own thing.

[Los] Yeah. And it’s true what you’re saying. Instagram has allowed smoke and mirrors to become cool.

[Ryan] Everything is a facade and everybody is showing their best life, myself included. When I post a picture, I’m not gonna put my worst picture up there. I’m gonna make myself look good. I treat Instagram, at least the feed and what’s happening on the main page, it’s like a business card. It’s like a resume for me. I like to create content that hits, like I’m a marketer, and I love direct sales. I love psychological manipulation. I love influence and persuasion.

So I wanna make sure that my content is hitting all these physiological biases. What most people fail to realize is that Instagram, because it’s micro content. It’s fast. It’s rapid. You can only show so much in one picture and a little caption. You can only show so much in a minute video. But over the course of like a year, you can show a lot of shit.

Some people use that for bad.

I hate the fakeness that’s out there now, and I look at those account and I’m like, oh God.

[Los] Yeah. Because we can see inside of the truth. So I know that you said you worked with Thursday, Neutrogena, a bunch of other stuff. A lot of people here that walk wanna get brand deals.

[Ryan] Mm-hmm.

[Los] I always say the best brand deal is building your own brand, right.

[Ryan] Mm-hmm

[Los] That’s the best thing that you can do. So talk to me about how that went, and you say you don’t do them anymore, but why? What happened?

[Ryan] Well I sold my integrity, and this is, looking at the cameras and people watching this. There’s a number. I don’t know what it is. And for me at that moment and time was, I think $7500. I looked at that as, wow my daughter is almost two, that’s school. And I agreed to make certain videos for this company for that amount, and I did. They did some shady stuff on their end of the agreement. But what really taught me the lesson was, they did what they did and they said okay fine you don’t want to work with us, you don’t wanna post these videos, cool, give us a refund.

You’ve already done two videos so we’ll say an average of $1000 a video, so you owe us $6000. I didn’t have $6000 to give them back.

[Los] Yeah.

[Ryan} I had spent it. I paid rent. I paid my bills. I’d gone on a trip with my family. It was gone.

Yeah. I was like f*ck. So I had to put a smile on and fake three videos.

I didn’t ever want to feel that way again. And that was the, if you went on my channel, and you fished back through all the marketing stuff that’s there now, the last fashion video.

I might’ve put up a couple more just to save face because I really, it affected me mentally. I don’t want to be a sell out, and I don’t consider brand deals selling out either. Everybody should get paid.

[Los] Yeah

[Ryan] And people who wanna be influencers, I think that you should set yourself up to get paid from day one. Obviously you’ve built a brand if somebody wants to pay you money, they want your audience.

You always have to remember that. You may be broke, you may not have any money, but they want what you have.

Don’t let that shit go for cheap. I think a lot of people make that mistake, especially influencers.

[Los] Yeah.

[Ryan] It’s cheap. They let the attention span of what they’ve built go for $200.

I think you can do brand deals, but I think one of the biggest things is that you have to always still insert your brand. I think where people go wrong is like these bigger influencers even, that have big, big followings, like two, three, four, five hundred thousand, a million and they’re just doing Sweet Bear Gummies and Fit Tea and whatever.

[Ryan] CBD stuff too, is a bit of a news trend.

[Los] Yeah. Nothing wrong with brands. I have brands. It is what it is. I get it. We pay influencers to work with us and stuff like that, right. But I think that if you do it all the time, they’re just like dude, I don’t wanna buy any, you’re killing your audience because you gave all this value and then you’re just selling whatever someone gives you money to sell.

[Ryan] Mm-hmm. I think that’s where everything gets lost. You have to be smart with certain things. Like if you love boots and you’re like dude I wear boots all time.

[Los] Yeah.

I have Thursday boots. I like them.

[Ryan] Yeah. I mean there’ a lot of, I mean I’m not against brand deals, if Red Bull’s watching this and they want to literally, you know my number’s like 100K now. But like, it’s something I’m about.

[Los] Yeah.

[Ryan] It’s part of my lifestyle. There’s integrations that are perfect and make total sense. But I think by the time, and this is just me trying to tell the future, by the time brands get to where they wanna like invest in something like that, I think that all the other influencers and the bat shit that’s happening right now, they will have put such a bad taste in the mouth of brands to pay influencers. Because you also have these big influencers and there’s no regulation right now.

You just basically say a number and if the brand’s cool with it, they’ll pay you.

[Los] Yeah.

[Ryan] Then you have agencies that are in between as middle men. I was signed to an agency and they were great to me but I don’t know if they were giving me the full amount that they were selling.

I’m not saying that they would, but I don’t know that.

I just had good faith in it and they would send me their Paypal, like I’d get a Paypal and they’d get cool, done. Here’s the video. But I think that there’s going to be an over saturation whereas a lot of brands are investing a lot of money in these bigger influencers and they’re not producing an ROI.

[Los] I think it’s all about micro influencers. 10 to 100 thousand real loyal followings, real serious engagement. You and I have talked about it. I see people who have half a million followers that you and I have the same story views as they do.

[Ryan] Yeah. And that like, I always joke because, I know if somebody’s full of sh*t or if, not full of, if they’ve done some weird thing to get where they are, I think the story views and even video views on their feed are an indicator because most people, I don’t know if they’re too lazy, but they don’t pad the views on their videos, they just buy the fake likes and comments for their photos, they don’t do it for the videos, so their video views are just like way down. And there’s tools, you can see their engagement, you can see the real talk, you can see what people are looking at, how many followers they have, how many people are from India. Nothing wrong with that but, you know.

Like I said, I bought some to get myself, but ironically getting to where, like I know where we’re probably gonna head with this with making money. I bought the followers to get the swipe up feature.

[Los] So you can make money.

[Ryan] So I can make money. But now I make all the money through talking to people through direct message, not swipe up.

So even my thinking, I did the wrong thing. I was wrong.

[Los] So you’re selling products from like 200 to 3000 on DMs, right?

[Ryan] Straight text message conversations, for the most part.

[Los] That’s awesome because most people on Instagram are telling you like, right now, 2019, 2020, maybe 2021, but at least these next two years and last year, is all like I’m gonna teach you how to sell high ticket. I’m gonna teach you how to do all this. The problem with that, I think, is that the economy’s gonna change at some point. At some point you can’t have everyone either teaching you how to teach high ticket, so now you teach how to do high ticket to people that do high ticket and everyone’s just buying all these things. No one’s producing really, you know, 5% of those people are using it to sell the actual thing.

[Ryan] Yeah.

[Los] Everyone else is like that was hard. I’m just gonna teach people how to teach high ticket, which is just this cesspool, right.

It’s like the coach, coaches the teaching coach.

Yeah. We just made a commercial about that.

[Ryan] Yeah.

[Ryan] So I think it smart to be like, yeah man, 200 bucks, 300 bucks, I just sold something on my DMs for 400 bucks, right. And I can do that all day because it’s relatable. It’s financially okay.

Yow know, you’re not blowing four grand, it doesn’t, you know four grand for a lot of people is like, that’s my rent and my car and my food.

It’s all my bills for the month.

[Los] Exactly.

Even for me, I don’t overextend my bills. And when I’m looking for somebody to invest in, a course, or whether it be a mentorship, or a coach, or something, because I’m trying to find one that could actually maybe help me.

[Ryan] But these are educated decisions. I personally think when you’re talking to people especially through direct message, they’re kind of a little vulnerable, so they’re being real with you. It’s like you have to respect that to a degree and be like look okay I have a myriad of things I think could help you. This is what I think is a good fit. In many cases, my more expensive shit is not a good fit for somebody. I could be a typical salesman and go, yeah, yeah, you need this, you need this, but at the end of the day that person’s not going to achieve success with my product. He’s gonna give me his three grand or two grand or whatever–

And he’s gonna want it right back.

And then he could come back an try to do a chargeback, he could try to refund me, when at the end of the day, I didn’t set him up for success.

[Los] Right.

[Ryan] I think that the internet, it’s going full circle now. For example, I have an event coming up. The first ticket sale, I started selling it and it was crickets for like a week. I was starting to be like oh God, like what’ve done, oh shit, I can’t sell it. Maybe I priced it too high. Because these are things that are real problem–

Yeah. 100%. that we have, that like, what do I say, what do I say. But it ended up the first ticket sale that came through was a guy who saw me speak prior, at my good friend Jason Capital’s event. I posted the recording to my YouTube. One of his friends saw me speak, watched my recording, sent my recording to his friend, his friend followed me on Instagram, two weeks later he paid me three K, is coming to my event.

[Los] Nice.

[Ryan] That was like mind blowing to me. Because that’s like newspaper type shit.

[Los] Yeah.

[Ryan] Like word of mouth, like hey follow this guy. I could not believe that. And that’s how conversations on Instagram are happening.

[Los] Mm-hmm.

[Ryan] Then the guy reached out and he asked me questions. I could tell he was interested in the event.

So I didn’t feel bad saying, yeah I think we’d be a good fit let’s hop. In some cases you can do phone calls. Some cases you don’t need to do phone calls.

Most people in the younger generation are averse to phones now.

We have iPhones, but this isn’t a phone to them.

[Los] No.

This is a mini computer and like a picture taking device.

We’re messaging.

[Ryan] They don’t want to talk. They think you’re weird if you wanna talk on the phone.

[Los] Yeah.

[Ryan] For certain things, I think there’s still ways to warrant a call

In certain questions and things that I want people to see and do, I want on the phone. But with the DMs and things like text message conversations, I think that that’s a skill set that if you haven’t already started to develop, you should really–

It’s a different way of selling. I do a lot of anti-selling now on my DMs, because I don’t want to get on the phone. Because it’s also kind of a waste of your time if you can already tell it’s gonna be two or three sentences, you’re like it’s not a good fit and they want to get on a call with you, I’m like listen, flat out, here’s pricing bro. It’s pretty expensive. I totally get it, if you don’t wanna work, and if they’re like, naw, can I just ask you some questions about it? Okay, now you know there’s a pitch. I’m for sure gonna sell you on one of these two things that you just said you want. I’ll get on a call.

[Los] Yeah.

But other than that, I just kind of, I been putting out a lot of content and I’ll do a swipe up, but every time I say swipe up, I’ll also say DM me and I’ll just give you guys a link. I get way more DMs than I actually do swipe ups.

[Los] Yeah. 100%. Like we were talking earlier, I think that the fakeness and everything is drawing out of Instagram. People are starting, I don’t that they’re necessarily getting exposed, I don’t wanna say that. I think that’s a bad terminology to say they’re getting exposed. People are just seeing, if all you’re about is fancy shit, who is the real you? Who is the real person? What do you do? Even myself, I’m a content creator. I teach how to create content. I teach how to make myself look the best I possibly can, and I think other people should too. So it’s hard for me to just take out my phone and take a picture or just a video of what I’m doing, like this. I’m like ugh, because you feel like no one wants that.

[Ryan] They do.

But they do. It’s all different aspects and that’s one of the things kind of like what you were saying, is when you say anti-selling, you have two different scopes of people. And we know a lot of each of these scope, you have the content people and you have the sales people. I think if you can put out really good content, at a rapid pace, a lot of content, you’re sales process can be a lot less polished because you’re authentic and they trust you and you’re relatable. If you don’t have enough content and your content sucks, yoursales process has to be this most polished, smooth,slick and in many cases, slimey slope–

[Los] Yep.

[Ryan] That these people have to go down. And that’s fine. You can either be one or the other. There’s very successful people at both ends of the spectrum, but I think the content aspect is where people right now need to focus on. Because you can anti-sell, and sell, and indoctrinate, and provide a value for everybody, with just by putting out whatever it is you want to put out.

[Los] So do you have a system, like daily you kind of think through stories? For me, what we do is basically Monday through Thursday, and this is new, but it’s working, so we’re kind of following it up. We used to be like, Motivation Monday and like, Tactical Tuesdays and all this stuff. Now I’m just like, guys here’s a lesson, here’s me talking, here life, this is what’s happening. And Fridays we do what we’re calling Flex Fridays, screenshots, screenshot, hey guys this is what we did today, this is what’s happening, we’re doing this, this is live right now. If you guys wanna learn how to do this, we’re doing a workshop. If you wanna do this in a partnership level, these are the people we partner with. If you wanna do this and just learn it yourself, we have a course. Do whatever you want. I’m gonna head out and keep living my life. Then people are like dude, I like it. How much? We’re just doing that. And if we think less about it, because the more we would think about it, we literally would get less response to it.

[Ryan] It’s less polished, and I that’s the hardest part for us. I mean my stories, another thing people need to understand is you can’t do everything at once.

Until you develop a well oiled machine. I’m getting to the point where I have a well oiled machine. You have a well oiled machine going on here.

Whereas you can rapidly product the content for yourself and disperse it to where it needs to go quickly and easily.

[Los] Yeah.

[Ryan] As you’re growing this, you need to focus on one. You have to think about your feed and your stories as two different entities. Because the feed is what’s gonna grow your account.

The story is what’s gonna indoctrinate, engage, and actually influence people.

[Los] Yeah.

[Ryan] That’s you. Because if you think about the psychological, it fascinates, like somebody opens up their Instagram, and they click on your face. Just think about that. Like if I saw you in real life, be like I wanna watch what you did today.

The psychological aspect of that, it’s very intimate, it’s very personal.

It’s super voyeuristic.

What goes on in your stories is what’s going to build that bond and trust with the potential customers and buyers that you can’t get with an email list, you can’t even get with a YouTube video. It’s a different type of behind the scenes. And because it’s all filmed in POV, for the most part.

[Los] Yeah.

[Ryan] People think that they’re living your life. It’s hard for me to justify like, so I try not to script the stories anymore. But the feed. I script the hell out of that, as far as like, because I think of that is like a first impression.

That’s what people see. That’s like, hey, who is Los? And really you only have to worry about the last like 12 photos, because nobody’s.

[Los] Nope.

[Ryan] I mean you get the die hards that’ll go down the rabbit hole and be like But for the most part, it’s the last 12. You have to start now, with no expectation of making money for like two years.

And two years might even be too soon.


It’s like investing. Instagram and YouTube, they’re forcing people to invest in content.

[Los] Right.

[Ryan] I mean you do it here. You have an agency. You provide content. I provide content. I create content for myself. You’re only asset is who you are now.

And we are living examples of our agencies, right? You are an example because you do it. I do it. When I take on a client for our agency division, and same with you, people always go what’s my ROI? I legit go there is no ROI homie.

[Los] Yeah. There is not ROI–

You’re gonna make your money back, 100. But if you wanna make money, like you’re gonna give me x amount of money and you’re gonna make that money back this month, you’re, let’s not do this because it’s not that dude. I lost money for a year. Physically lost the money, knowing that I was gonna be able to make the money back. Now I’m making the money back and by more, but I’m probably gonna lose it again because now I’m like alright cool, I see this. Let’s double down again.


Let’s put money back into that thing and see how big we can go. A lot of the real players are spending money and losing it, because they know they’re gaining an audience and attention and this is the email list, this is the reality of nowadays. And if you don’t invest and you don’t have that kind of, you either invest with time.

[Ryan] Mm-hmm.

or you invest with money. If you’re smart, you’re gonna invest with both, because it takes time to make these videos and you better put out the money to distributed.

[Los] That’s the thing too. You gotta buy equipment, like nobody talks about. I mean we’re using one to film right now. But my camera is like a $2000 camera.

[Ryan] Yeah.

[Ryan] I was just getting by with a GoPro for a long time, which is a $400 camera.

You can use cell phones.

[Ryan] 100%.

I just personally think if you wanna take your–

The more you grow, the more grow.

Yeah. And I think that everybody should, you should come in at a level which is higher than what most people are operating at, so that way you stand out.

[Los] Yeah.

[Ryan] And you can do that in numerous ways. You can do that by production quality of your stuff.

Or the rapid production of your stuff. So if you don’t have the best equipment, just put out a lot of shit.

And keep showing up. But if you have good production, you need to do both.

[Los] So let’s end it with three quick tips you can give people that are getting started on growing and potentially monetizing their Instagram.

[Ryan] First it would be, teach yourself how to edit videos. There’s hundreds if not thousands of YouTube tutorials to help you do this. But look at the videos being produced on channels that you like, which if you’re a business guy, look at Grant Cardone, Gary Vee, Tai Lopez, like you, myself, all these people are, those aren’t fucking complicated videos.

[Los] Yeah.

They’re not hard to make.

[Ryan] Yeah.

Anybody can make them. It’s a skill set. Teach yourself how to make those and if you’re looking for a really easy to learn program, ScreenFlow if you have a PC or Camtasia if you have a Mac.

That’s all you need. That’s all I use.

[Los] Yeah.

[Ryan] And use your phone to start. You don’t need to buy equipment, but eventually you probably want a camera.

The second, would be to put out at least 30 days of content. Then look at the content and see what did better.

Then take that content, because if you have no following, you need to grow. Take that content and run it as an ad. Just a content ad.

No call to action, no expectation to make any money from that piece of content, just to bring awareness to you. And your profile visits will go up and people will start following you.

Then the third would be to just have conversations with people in the direct messages and ideally have something to sell them. Whether that be a Skype call for 50 bucks or 100 bucks, where you can help them through their problem. That three step process, that’s a six figure business.

And if I would add a fourth, I would say it does make sense to hire a photographer to do photo shots.

Most people think that’s gonna be this major adventure and it no–

[Los] A lot of people do it for free just so they can have the photos, man.

[Ryan] Yeah. You can just go on Craigslist or marketplace, and hire. Photographers at the highest, charge $100 an hour.

You show up. You already know you have four locations in mind. You have a duffle bag with four different outfits. You change in the parking lot, and you have four different locations. And usually you’ll get anywhere, if you suck at what you do, you’ll get 10 photos.

[Los] Yeah.

[Ryan] If you can pose, which is a skill that you can probably learn very easily on YouTube. I did. Learn your angles. Learn how to pose. You’ll get 25 to 30 photos every time you do that. That’s your entire month of content.

And then you learn how to download the free Lightroom app on your phone and mess with your pictures. You don’t even having to have f*cking anything. Just mess with them till you think they look good.

And then upload them to Instagram. That’s your photo editing skills that need to happen. Those things, along with doing your own videos, there’s no reason you can’t put out one piece of content every single day and not stress yourself theout.

[Los] Yeah.

[Ryan] That’s what I would do if I was at zero right now.

[Los] So you’re doing an event in April. Why don’t we tell everybody about your event and if they wanna go to the, we’ll link out and everything?

[Ryan] Yeah. It’s called Social Content Mastery. It’s a higher ticket event. It’s three K, I’m not afraid to tell anybody that. But it a two and a half day event. First day being meet up. Second day being more the psychological aspects, kind of like I just shared, the little four boxes.

But I’m gonna go deep into that. I’m gonna show some examples. What everything is. Why it’ll work together. We’re also gonna devise a 30, 60, 90, 180 day content calendar for each individual person at the event. The second day is a workshop day, where I’m gonna physically, like you have to bring a camera. So if you don’t own a camera or a phone better than an iPhone seven, it’s not for you.

You’re gonna be creating content, all day long on that day. And I’m gonna show you how in one day, you can crank out at least 30 days worth of content. So you’ll leave with 30 days of content for yourself and a one year plan. If you can’t be successful after that, I don’t know what else I can do for you. So that’s like the big promise. But it’s basically, everybody’s preaching content, content, content, content and I just wanna be the guy that teaches you how to make the content.

[Los] Nice.

[Ryan] I’m not trying to teach people to be professional videographers. If you do come to my event and you like, man I really like video, cool. There’s your path.

But you’re still gonna need to make content for yourself.

It’s not to be a professional videographer, or not to be a professional photographer. I just know what looks cool, and I understand psychological biases, and I know how anybody, any niche, doesn’t matter who you are, can recreate that for themselves.

Even if you’re just trying to get laid with your Instagram. Because you should have a good Instagram if your using it to pick up chicks.

So that’s what it is. And it’s in St. Petersburg, Florida.

[Los] Nice.

[Ryan] You have to travel for it, and it not really that expensive. St. Pete’s cheap.

[Los] Yeah. If people wanna find you, what’s the best place?

[Ryan] My Instagram, @ryanmagin.

[Los] Awesome. Alright guys. So that’s it for today. As always head over to my Youtube channel and hang out with us in the comment section! I release quality business content twice a week.