3 Reasons Why Influencer’s Should Have a High Ticket Offer

Creating a higher ticket component oftentimes can be the best thing that you can do in your business.

Today, I want to talk you about one big thing that you may or may not be doing in your business.

You need to create a high ticket offer in your business. 

Now I get a lot of people that are like, “Los, I don’t know if I should. I don’t know if I need to. I don’t know if I am ready.”

Let me explain and give you some real insight on why you should, why you are ready.

It doesn’t matter if you’re currently doing something on the lower level. Like selling digital products that are more affordable, or lower tiered products.

Whatever it is, you can always have a higher tier.

I work with a ton of influencers in the health and fitness space specifically.

A lot of these influencers sell supplements, athletic wear, fitness programs…etc.

Well you’re taking people through this path, through your business, financially needy business, meaning that you need a ton of money. You need a ton of capital to go reinvest back in your business.

Same with any kind of e-commerce.

You need a ton of money going back into your business, and to continue to invest into that business whether it’s… clothes, supplements, gadgets, programs… what ever it doesn’t really matter.

You need more capital.

One of the best ways to introduce more capital and make your business a more “capital-friendly” business is to have a higher-ticket offer.

Everyone is going to buy something whether it’s from you or it’s someone else.

You are already connecting with people. You are already engaging with people and people already trust you in some sort of capacity.

So wouldn’t it make sense to create a higher-ticket offer so you can have more cash flow, so you can have more leverage?

Cash is king in most businesses and why most businesses fail.

Oftentimes growth makes people fail because they don’t have the capital to sustain that growth.

So, building a coaching service or a service that does something to service you, is extremely important.

You can have a million different products and a million views on your content.

However, creating a higher ticket component oftentimes can be the best thing that you can do in your business because you already have people that trust you.

It helps you with cash flow. It helps you with sustainability and it allows you the opportunity to invest more in your business so you can grow.

So ask yourself these questions today…

What can I do in my business that can be higher ticket? What can I do to create more leverage in my business? What can I do to create something that will allow me to build a bigger business longer term?

I always try to encourage people stop focusing on just the right now and focus on the longer term of your business.

I have a friend and a mentor who says that your customer base should grow your customer base.

Now listen to that. Your customer base should grow your customer base.

How do you think that happens?

It happens with great products, great service, and a lot of powerful help from the inside. What you are doing for people to serve them, to help them.

So think about that today.

What can you do in your business to create more cash flow that can be higher ticket? What can you do to create an opportunity for more leverage in your business with a higher ticket program?

Don’t just think higher ticket equals more money.

Think higher ticket, higher help.

More powerful people helping and saying that your product and service is the best one. Because then you’re really able to help more people in that kind of capacity.