5 Steps You Need to Take to Become Omnipresent for Your Audience

I want to talk about omnipresence and what that means for you, and for your community as an influencer.

Omnipresence is defined as being seen everywhere.

It is apart of one of the cognitive biases, the anchoring cognitive bias. Which means that you are being anchored as someone who is making you see what they want to see, and in your mind you are seeing these things.

How do we achieve that?

What is the best way to create omnipresence as an influencer in your business… really build influence through being everywhere, without having to actually be everywhere at all times.

I have created a 5 step system and process to create omnipresence.

Let’s dive in.

Step #1 It sounds simple, but too many people try to skip it… be great at what you do.

You have to build a good brand and a good business, as an influencer in your space.

You have to be good at creating results for what you sell.

For example, we help influencers scale and build brands to seven figures and beyond, that is what we do, we are great at it.

If we were not before, guess what? We wouldn’t sell this.

We were learning, we were getting good, and we were implementing different systems that helped us become world class at this.

Become world class at what you do, that is Step #1.

It’s imperative because it is what allows you to keep constantly gaining leads, flow, and results for you.

That kind of continues into Step #2. Be relevant at one thing.

Like I stated above, we help influencers scale their brands and turn them into businesses.

Because… in the beginning specifically.. you’re doing everything.

You’re the CEO, “chief everything officer”, you’re moving all over the place and you don’t know what to do.

So we come in and we clean this whole mess up, make you good at your unique ability, then we scale everything out as a business.

That is our core competency.

We only have two offerings. We will do it for you in a partnership relationship, but because we can’t take too many people on in that manner, we also do it on a coaching relationship.

What are you good and relevant at? Don’t chase shiny objects, because you see other people do a lot of things.

Stay true to what your offers are, and expand on that… when it’s appropriate.

Step #3. Have ONE core product.

Like I said, we have two ways of working with us. Those two avenues are our core product.

The next thing, Step #4. What are your marketing angles?

We are here to show you specific angles, and this is how you need to have conversations with your people on the angles.

You can continue to create the same relationship. Now, if you look at what we’re doing, we’re creating presence through different social platforms on the Internet, mainly where our targeted audience lives.

How can you have one core product and build different marketing angles inside of that?

#4.. Start in one platform until it’s time for you to scale.

For example… we were heavy on Facebook advertising, but now as we’ve created a bigger team, we added YouTube ads into the mix, and since becoming solid within YouTube we have branched into Instagram.

We’re having the same conversations strategically directed at you, so you can see different angles, different results, but it’s always the one core offer.

Step #5, the last thing to top it all off.. create more consistency in your marketing.

A lot of times we talk with people who say… “Yeah, I do a swipe up on Instagram, or I post on Facebook on Tuesdays, I forget on Wednesday and Thursdays.”

Listen, this is a business, this is a brand, you need to create consistency.

People care about their favorite shows because they know when it’s coming, they’re expecting it.

They’re expecting you to create when you’re telling them that you’re gonna create. Don’t stop, become and stay a consistent creator.

I have this saying I remind myself frequently, “Consistency, congruent, conversations.”

That is what is going to create conversions for your business. Congruent conversations is the same conversation in different angles about the one topic.

Creating conversations with your customers is what’s going to allow them to feel more intimate with you, to have a better relationship, to trust you more, and to see the angles and the results that you can provide.

That is what will get them to call you or to buy your thing without thinking twice, and create those conversions.

This is how you create omnipresence in your business.