How Influencers Can Use My 3 “C’s” Method to Grow Their Business

Today, I am going to talk to you about something that is a problem in a lot of influencer’s  businesses right now.

If you’re reading this right now, it’s probably fall of 2018, or around that time, right?

A lot of things are happening. We’re in Q4. People are excited. They’re spending their money on Facebook.

They’re selling products, services, supplements, clothes, bath bombs. I don’t care, whatever, right? It doesn’t really matter.

Some influencers are having a really hard time, they’re coming to me saying, “Hey, I’m not reaching enough people. My ads aren’t working. My stuff is shrinking instead of expanding.”

The reason that that is happening is very, very simple… and I want to paint a picture for you guys on why it is happening.

See, when you start advertising, you have a product, a service or thing.

You immediately have this small bucket of people that you can reach, your “low-hanging fruit”.

Imagine picking apples. Let’s go with apples. If you’re picking apples, and these apples are ripe, juicy, delicious, and you’re ready to pick them.

You take the apple, take a bite, it’s delicious and filling you up so you start picking all of them.

If you only have a few trees, you’re going to run out of apples, right?

What you need to focus on is planting seeds.

This thought initially sucks. Because, it is not super immediate, and people in this world are used to immediate gratification.

“I need to make money in two seconds. I need to make my money back, right now. I need to make sure that this is working.”

Not to mention the following thoughts of…

“I’m not willing to put the time in to build the relationships. I’m not willing to create content that gives people value in advance, results in advance, and build a relationship through this.”

What you have right now is the opportunity to be an influencer.

You have the opportunity right now more probably so than ever to be in front of people.

The right audience at the right time with the right message, but you’re bastardizing this opportunity by trying to accumulate money as quickly as possible.

Now, the way that you fix this way of thinking is by creating a process where you can have conversations with people in different stages of where they are.

Stop thinking about yourself.

I look at a lot of influencer’s content, and a lot of them produce content that stand for… “Me, me, me,”.

Instead of creating Instagram lives of you in the gym or posts of yourself drinking a latte. Start creating quality content.

Listen, this is a post where I’m giving you value. BUT at the same time, I can use this video as an advertisement because I’m educating.

I’m educating, I’m entertaining, and I’m being effective in creating conversations with people.

There are three C’s that are very important, and influencers should keep in mind at all times.

The three C’s are content, conversation and community.

So let’s explore them…

If you’re talking about content, there is something in your marketplace that people want, right?

They have a problem.

They have this desire to either succeed, or they have this desire of a want/need.

It’s up to you as the influencer to help them get that, right?

So, how do you start that conversation?

You start it with your content. You create content to help people.

As you start with helping your audience with your content, you start creating conversations.

Then, you can create different pieces of content depending on the conversations happening with and in between your audience.

Content creates the conversations.

Conversations start happening with you and within your audience. Over time this is where you create a community.

A community that starts to give value.

Then that creates the final “C”, conversion.

So, you have to create content, to create conversations. Then you are able to have the right conversations with the right people which produce more apples.

Apples = conversions.

How do you do that?

You set up your content in different sequences, to talk and attract people in different phases.

Stop thinking about the now, the immediate.

Sure, I totally get it. You need to do that to make money in your business.

However, you can’t just think about tomorrow.

You have think, “Where am I next year? Who are all the people that I haven’t reached? What is the relationship that I can build with people?

And as you create that process for your business, then people will start to like you, know you, trust you, join your community, join you.

Join your circle of influence, right?

Join your Instagram, your Facebook, your YouTube, wherever it is that you are putting the content out.

Stop thinking about today. Stop thinking about right now.

Start planting the seeds instead of picking the apples, because that is how you’re going to have success long term as an influencer, as a person, and as a business in this day and age.