As the founder of SVG Media, I don’t show you how to achieve success – I teach you how to create it.

I’m a self-made million-dollar entrepreneur, speaker of success, and one of the top Biz Dev & Marketing Automation Trainers in the world. My passion is the fuel that creates success. Represented by the joint force of traditional entrepreneurship with an emphasis on leading technology and strategies, my approach, by design, integrates the vast perspectives of stakeholders from across all facets of multiple industries that include Digital Strategy, Training & Development, New Media, Business Innovation, Big Data & Science, and Engineering. As the Largest Influencer & Athlete Marketing Agency in the entire U.S., SVG Media teaches the science and strategy behind advanced marketing techniques, scaling online revenue streams, build full-service & functioning multimedia platforms and establish professional branding strategies that differentiate the ‘successors’ from the ‘failures.’

Whenever I’m not out hustling to scale your business, I spend time with my wonderful family and enjoy the sights of the beautiful city of Orlando, FL.

Timeline info

  • 2015

    Broke, Busted & Disgusted. I had a businesses fall apart and had to give up over 1M in assets to my former business partner. I was lost. I didn’t know what to do next or where to go but these two dudes, both named Matt, just kept showing up TO MY HOUSE! Yes, I had to move my “office” back into my house after this breakup.

  • 2016

    Things took a turn rolling into 2016. We took on a client that quickly turned into a new partnership and in less than 90 days we scaled to 6 figures a month with a 7 figure run rate! Things were finally looking up again.


  • 2017

    We scaled from a 7 figure company to a multiple 7 figure company and took on several more partnerships all in the health and fitness space. My team and I focused this year on grinding and scaling our internal & partner brands while strategically setting ourselves up for success in 2018.

  • 2018

    In 2018 we scaled one of our fitness brands to multiple 8 figures, won our first “8 Figure Plaque” from Clickfunnels along with several (4 to be exact) of their “2 Comma Club” awards!


  • 2019

    Rolling into 2019 we officially launched the SVG Agency and by March 1st we were generating 100K+ MONTHLY and scaling!

    My team and I have significantly increased our internal brand awareness using what we call “Perpetual Propaganda” and this has afford me the opportunity to speak at Craig Ballantyne, Kent Clothiers, Ed O’keefes and Bedros Keuilian’s events & masterminds!


I’m a huge advocate of therapy. Stealing Fire and Passionate Marriage are my favorite books. In my previous businesses that generated $30 million dollars, my motivation wasn’t to get rich, it was because I didn’t love myself.

Now, I’m driven to solve the problems of fellow entrepreneurs, so that they have the capacity to solve the problems of the world AND to provide an amazing life for themselves and their family.

I’m also passionate about human evolution and what the next 50 years will bring in the fields of A.I and consciousness.

And while many people like to categorize me as an internet marketer — I enjoy the investment and growth of all business, with internet marketing being a small piece of it.

And if you want social proof… there are plenty of podcasts, articles, and such that you can see below.