Apps for Instagram Stories

What’s up guys? So today I’m gonna talk to you guys about what apps we’re using. We’re always testing new things out.

These are two apps that really are being under-utilized if anything by a lot of people. Probably because a lot of people don’t know about ’em.

So I’m gonna go through here, review ’em, and kind of show you guys what I think.

The first app I am going to go through is Mojo Video. Mojo Video basically helps you choose templates so you can have better looking quote cards and pictures like that on Instagram, right.

There’s a lot of cool things that you can use. You can kind of choose which ones you want to use for photography. You got fashion, you have cinema.. etc. They’re pretty cool.

They look like someone professionally edited this stuff inside of your team, which is badass. And they’re very simple.

We’re starting to use it. We’re starting to mess around with these. You guys can see there’s a ton of variety, there’s a ton of different ways to use it. So just be creative.

And then you can also get the pearl account. It’s $9.99 a month. All the way up-charging you money.

If it works for you, try the free one first, and then after that, go into the monthly.

The second app I use for stories is Story Art. Now, Story Art is pretty cool.

We use this for one of our brands called Girl Brand, which is obviously a brand owned by a girl, that we run. And it’s really cool. You can make a lot of different templates and stuff like that.

It makes it easy. A lot of people use Canva, but then you gotta do a lot more work and it’s just more basic template stuff. With this, it’s significantly more visually appealing.

I also found this awesome program called Flick. Flick is a phone app. You can use it also on desktop It basically allows you to do better content research in regards to your hashtags.

We have been using it and have started ranking on hashtags like crazy and it’s hitting the explore page.

So that’s one of the best ways that we’re using, actually, still organic, because everybody, “organic’s dead, organic’s dead.” It’s not dead. So that is it for me.

Let me know in the comments over on my YouTube channel what you guys are using and how you guys are seeing organic growth happen inside your Instagram.