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What’s up everybody? Welcome to Business Thoughts. Today, I’m gonna teach you guys how to increase your engagement on Instagram.

So you wanna get more Instagram followers in 2019.

See, the big thing with Instagram, as you’re growing your Instagram, the more engagement you have the more the algorithm says, okay, this person’s for real, there’s a lot of stuff coming on here, people want to follow this person, hence stay on the platform.

Boom, let’s raise this person’s Instagram up, right?

How do you do that? Well, there’s a few different ways. There’s a ton of different ways.

If you wanna get on like a checklist and figure out all those things, we have a checklist and it’s right here.

Tip #1 you have to get active in stories. This is probably the strongest tip, that’s why I want to touch on it first, just in case you end up not watching the entire video.

You wanna get really good at stories. If you go into stories, and you take a picture, you do a video, and you click on the little happy face, you’re gonna see that there’s a lot of different ways to create engagement with the people.

Now, the people that are watching Instagram, for the most part, the most important people there, are the ones that are watching your stories.

I cannot validate this 100%, but I’m pretty sure that Instagram gives those people more value than the people that only like your feed pictures.

So in your stories, there are ways you can have conversation. There is a way you can create video, but then there’s a way you can engage.

You can ask questions on stories. You can also create poles on stories. You can also setup little competitions, challenges and give aways, and actually setup a countdown timer inside of stories, and let people know that it’s expiring.

You need to do X, Y and Z to engage, to setup your competition, or challenge, or whatever the case, right?

So, those three things immediately are gonna spike up your stories, and more people are gonna start seeing and engaging if you are engaging.

If you’re just posting pictures of your pizza, and maybe like a shirtless selfie, and your car and stuff like that, then you’re just kind of a boring person.

Why would I wanna follow you? Hence, I don’t wanna engage with you.

But, if you create a conversation with me, and you poll me, for example, “hey guys, today I’m gonna teach you how to start leveraging Instagram to make money.”

Before I do that, I’m gonna poll you guys. Who wants to make money and who likes nachos, right? You just do some funny stuff like that.

I do that all the time. Then people will say, I like nachos, or, I wanna make money.

Okay, cool, so everybody said they wanted to make money. I’m gonna show you how to do this in the next five videos. Boom, they’re hooked, five more videos, right?

You’ve created engagement in a bunch of different ways through this.

Tip #2 is way more basic. I told you guys a bunch of times, you can go to Telegram, you can DM people, and you can start a small engagement group to start conversations inside of your actual feed.

The other way that you can do this, to start conversations, I don’t love it, but you can make memes.

You can make memes with your face. You can make memes with bunch of other people’s faces. Right now, I’m gonna try to find this. There’s a meme going on, and it says you have 12 dollars, and you can pick between all the entrepreneurs.

This first line is six bucks. This next line is four bucks. And this next line is two bucks. Who would you pick, and why? And it’s creating a flood of engagement.

I know a lot of people who are using that meme in the business space to create engagement. I would pick Elon Musk, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Jessica Alba, or I would pick Grant Cardone… etc.

You suck dude, you suck. But it’s creating engagement, right, you’re creating a conversation inside of your platform.

You gotta look at this as, this is your platform. What do you want people to talk about? You can be funny, you can be witty, you can be something. You can use memes. At the end of the day, you know for a fact that you follow at least two to three meme pages. I at least follow five. I just deleted like 17.

You know I still got like my five, my five heavies that I like to rock. Everybody swipes and they’re like, ha ha ha, and that gets shared, it gets saved.

You wanna create sharable stuff, and you wanna create stuff that is saved on Instagram, because Instagram also values the saves. The more engagement Instagram sees with your content, the more Instagram is gonna go, boom, let’s give this guy love.

Using stories for stuff, and then creating conversations inside of your feed.

Tip #3 Create something of conversation. Make a good post, and then ask a question in there.

Be aggressive about stuff. Go against something, right? If everybody like Gary Vaynerchuk is saying like, hustle, hustle, hustle, you would wanna do, and I’m just going business ’cause I do business stuff, right?

You’d wanna go hey, Gary Vaynerchuk, tag him. He has no idea what he’s talking about. Hustling makes no sense. You need to build structure and business, and then you can chill.

It might spark some feathers, right, it might piss some people off. They’re gonna go in there and be like, you suck Los, or this is happening, or yeah, I agree with you, whatever.

I don’t care, all press is good press. It’s all good, we’re gonna talk. You’re gonna have engagement in there.

Now, you’re gonna view my stories, that are engaging. Then, I’m gonna have a good conversation with you. You’re gonna like me, know me, trust me, swipe up, buy my stuff.

If you guys have any ways that you’re creating engagement inside of Instagram, let me know in the comments.

Maybe I can swipe some of these ideas, or let me know if you’re using the ideas that I’m telling you in this video. So that’s it for me guys. I appreciate you, love you, and I will see you guys in the next post.

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