Easy Email Automation Guide | Email Automation Tutorial (2019)

What’s going on everybody? My name is Los, and welcome to Business Thoughts.

Today, we have Kenny here going to show you an easy email automation guide to help you guys.

You can use this for anything you do.. whether it’s eCommerce, or digital marketing. We’re gonna show you guys a case study and we have a lot more things like that in store.

Kenny: I want to show you some of my recent success with one of the new companies we’ve been working with.

Emailing your customers is a no brainer but with this new company, it’s been a little under valued and overlooked. It turned out to be an extremely low hanging fruit.

Just to give you a little insight on what we’ve been up to with them, we took over marketing and advertising about four months ago. The first two months we only ran Facebook ads with low budgets.

For the past two months, we implemented a new email strategy for them.

In those four months we had the account generate about 500k$ in revenue. Of that 500k, 110k of it was from our email system we implemented.

That’s for only two months.

Prior to November, email didn’t even account for 10k$ for the year.

Now there were many contributing factors for this revenue. Such as social and organic referral traffic but I wanna focus on the impact of what having a solid email system in place can do.

So let’s take look at the email system, and I will show you what I did and what worked.

We tend to use Klaviyo because we found it works great for these e-com brands. It has great features, it’s easy to learn and integrates easily with all the tools that we use.

Since we were just starting emails for this company we wanted to get a basic strategy started so we could gauge how our users would respond and mainly if it would help capture additional sales.

Let’s take a look at our first month that we went live with emails. Which is gonna be November. November actually turned into one of the best months for this company since they started and it wasn’t only because of the holiday sales.

We have flows and campaigns both running. We only setup two automated flows and for the campaigns we would send one news letter email a week except for big sales which we would then email every day for that duration of the sale and exclude people who have purchased from those emails.

The email flows were responsible for the majority of the sales. I only have two flows setup: the welcome series flow for signing up from the popup on the site and an abandoned cart sequence.

My popup is your standard “Hey! Join our newsletter for exclusive discounts and content and for signing up here’s coupon for 10% off your first order.” Nothing special just the basics.

From there they get sent a welcome email and a series of reminder emails with their coupon.

My abandoned cart sequence is slightly different as we divided what emails and possible discounts we gave out based off the value of that persons cart.

So for example: people with a cart value over 150$ were sent a slightly more aggressive email sequence so we could capture that sale before they forget or purchase from someone else. It took me maybe a few hours to set everything up.

I had to write the emails, add images, create the discount codes, do some proper testing to make sure everything worked properly, but after everything was finalized I could set it and forget it.

Los: Alright guys so you guys just saw Kenny’s video so let me know in the comments if you loved it, liked it or if it sucked, either way let me know in the comments so we keep doing these things for you guys and if you want to learn more and actually get to know every single thing we do here at the offices and how we scale businesses to multiple, seven and eight figures.

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