How to Actually Achieve Your Personal and Business Goals In 2019

See the big problem that most people have is they have huge ambitions, and they have big goals. Then they see other people selling different things, and being experts and saying you have to write down all your goals.

So you will write out 20, 50, 10 goals, and that’s the problem.

See too many goals is almost worse than having no goal at all, okay?

Because when you have too many goals you have too many things to look at, and that really clouds your focus. You have to be focused on one or two goals depending on what you’re doing, so for the sake of today I’m gonna write out some ideas of goals that you could have at the same time, but still stay singular in that goal.

For example, a lot of people come to me, and they say “hey Los I wanna make 50k and I wanna start agency, and I want to do a workout program, and then I wanna have a funnel, and then I wanna do a podcast, and then I wanna be a YouTube sensation, and then I want girls to like me and I wanna be taller, and I wanna wear more jean jackets, and then the problem with that is like dude that’s way too many way too much stuff.

You have way too much stuff going on.

You need to bring it in, you calm down, you need to make it simple.

So for the sake of you setting up your goals you need to focus on one thing, so let’s say your goal is to make 10k a month.

That is the only goal that you have. Let’s pick one more goal and that’s to lose 10 pounds. The reason why it’s okay to have those two goals is because they essentially have nothing to do with each other.

Your focus can stay singular. To lose 10 pounds all you have to do is tighten up your diet. You don’t even gotta go to the gym. I mean you can if you want, you should, it’s fun, but you don’t have to. All you have to do is stay singular on that focus.

Okay, what does it take for me to lose those 10 pounds. I’m gonna break it down. It’s going to take it fitness. It’s going to take changing your diet. Let’s say for the sake of this conversation you’re gonna do Keto I don’t care what you do, it’s literally an example.

So we’re gonna say the diet is keto, and I’m also going to do cardio two times a week. That’s it, it’s what you have to do. You’re gonna lose 10 pounds. It’s gonna happen because you’re gonna stay singular on your focus.

You’re not gonna say I’m gonna do keto, and then I’m gonna do fasting, and then I’m gonna work out five times a week, and do cardio four times a week, and then do this other thing and then do this other thing.

No man I’m gonna probably if I drink I’m gonna quit drinking. If my diet is sloppy I’m gonna probably calculate my macros. Do that, do keto, I’m gonna just eat bacon and biscuits whatever it is it doesn’t matter, it’s not biscuits, but you know what I’m saying I’m being funny with my examples, right?

So that’s what you’re gonna do and then you’re gonna stay, and you’re gonna measure your goal okay, so I lost two pounds this week cool I’m close to my goal, and I’m gonna give my timeline for this thing.

This is gonna happen in six weeks. Okay, so you have six weeks to do that. You’re gonna measure what’s going on, you’re gonna manage everything every single week, and the weight you lose, and how you’re feeling are gonna be your Key Performance Indicators or your KPIs. That is all you have to do.

Now you’re singular on one focus, and you’re gonna be able to achieve that focus. We do this a lot in the office. I do this all the time is part of my entire life, and it’s structured in like what I call 90-day years. There’s actually a book about it. You can get it.

There’s also books called 12-week here it’s a fancy way to say 90 days, it doesn’t really matter however you do it six weeks, one week, two weeks, ten weeks it doesn’t matter you need to set a timeline because it’s a deadline and then you work backwards, you figure out what you need to do, and then you just go do that thing.

For making 10k what do you need to do?

Okay, I’m gonna sell one thing. I’m not gonna sell seven things, I’m not gonna sell 12 things, so one thing. Okay, that’s a one. I’m gonna sell one thing, it’s gonna be at one price point. Let’s just call it a 1,000 dollars, I’m gonna go talk to one audience, I’m gonna use Fitness for this as an example cuz we’re going into the diet right, so fitness people.

It can be local, it can be people that love to have bar mitzvahs it doesn’t really matter. The thing is you’re focusing on a few key objectives, and you’re gonna give yourself six weeks for this, so what do you need to do. We’ve got down what we need to do for us to go lose the weight. Now we’re focused singularly on this.

Now next thing that we’re gonna do is that we’re gonna go in and say okay I’m gonna sell one product for a 1,000 dollars, okay? How am I gonna sell it?  I would use the exact same strategy that I’ve used to make 70,000 dollars in just a few months off my Instagram not even Facebook groups, and it’s the exact same strategy that we use with a lot of our heights checking customers, clients, brands et cetera et cetera, okay? So the thing 100% works. You’re gonna go into groups, you’re gonna add value.

Now your focus is two things, separate things. You’re losing weight, and then you’re also maintaining a focus of selling one thing to one audience one conversation in six weeks you got to make 10,000 dollars.

You have to get 10 people in six weeks to give you 1,000 dollars. Is it achievable? Yeah, 100% it’s achievable, okay. Does it feel like you can hit that goal? Yeah, it should feel like you can hit both goals, but now think of it like this.

What if I said well, I wanna do this, but I also wanna have a top podcast. Now I have to go record at least five podcast episodes, so I can launch it then I need to go get reviews, I then need to go make a thumbnail for the podcast, I need go edit the podcast, I need to do all these extra things that are now taking me away from my original goal.

I can’t do it or if I’m saying I wanna do that and I wanna get 10,000 subscribers on YouTube? Okay well, that’s two goals. Now I have to shoot videos, I have to edit videos, I have to create thumbnails for the videos, I have to SEO the videos, I have to do all this other work, and am I gonna make money on that immediately most likely not, most likely you were not gonna make money on that stuff immediately trust me I know I have a YouTube channel it does not ball.

The reason that I have this is because I’ve had other focuses first and now I can do this right now because growing this channel and growing my presence online is my focus, so I hope that makes sense to you guys.

The big thing that I want you guys to understand is that there is a dichotomy of choice that happens when you there’s a paradox that happens when you have too many things. Your brain kind of starts to shut down.

Well I have to do this and this and this and this and these are my goals and that creates overwhelm. Also very similar to that overwhelm is like one step away from boredom. If you’re doing too many things you get overwhelmed, you might get bored or you might get burnt out, and you get this feeling of like I don’t know what’s going on, I don’t know what do, I feel helpless, I feel lonely, I feel depressed, I feel anxious, I cannot move the ball forward because too much is happening.

You start feeling like you have nothing to break down the pieces, and think actually what I really wanna do is this, and this is what I wanna do to make money, and this is what I wanna do to look good, and in six weeks essentially I will look better, and I’ll have more money that’s dope, so when you guys are planning your goals plan accordingly.

Think of in a very simple way what do I want? How do I achieve that? What are three steps to achieving the thing that I want? You break that down into three steps, and you build out KPIs, Key Performance Indicators. For this we figured out that it’s our macros, it’s how much time we’re going to the gym, it’s the pounds that we’re losing. Those are our KPIs.

If that’s working for me then I can consistently work, and see that trend and see how I’m getting results.

For your business goal you need to focus on how many people you are getting on the phone with, how many times you are selling or trying to sell your 1k product, and how many people are physically paying you. If you’re not getting on enough calls you have to be on Facebook and YouTube and Instagram, trying to get in front of people.

If you are not selling enough you have to get to work on your sales process, and have a conversation or get people to apply, or work on that funnel particularly a little bit better, so you can get people to come in and want to pay, and if you’re not getting the 1,000 dollars, and you need to review everything and be like “where am I lagging and not bringing in the revenue” and then adjust.

That is a very easy, simplified way for you guys to start setting goals, and freaking achieve them.

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