How To Create Expansion With Your Business

Today I want to talk to you about expansion. I always have this conversation of being omnipresent, and growing our business.

But what I see happen is a lot of entrepreneurs… especially in the fitness industry, and the whole influencer industry… is they lose and take a step back, instead of trying to take a step forward, and expand.

Let me explain.

As you grow in your business, you tend to “tap out” of an opportunity or see that there are more opportunities out there.

So you can go about it two different ways.

The first, and more popular path is to follow the “Shiny Object Syndrome” and say…

“Hey, I’m selling coaching, but now I’m going to sell T-shirts”, “Or I have been in the fitness space, but I want to start promoting something completely different in the beauty blogger space.”

It’s very incongruent with what you are already doing.

“I’m going to try this out, or that out,” because like everyone, we have “Shiny Object Syndrome” AND we have a fear of missing out.

We think it’s simpler, we think it’s faster, we think it might be the easiest thing in the world, and we’re going to get more.

All of those things are wrong because when you’re expanding into something, you need to find avenues that are logical to what you’re already doing.

I’m going to give you an example.

For a long time all I focused on was how to help entrepreneurs build and scale their brands.

Then we built an agency that took ownership of those certain companies. That was an expansion of what we had already created in the influencer space.

We realized, quickly, that we didn’t want to take too many of those companies on. We are very particular with that.

So we then went on to build another agency that works with influencers. We help fund their traffic, build their funnels, create their content strategy, build their relationships with brands… etc.

Then, we built a coaching program that helps influencers get through mental hardships and difficult times.

Mindset is everything in this business. And we found that may influencers don’t have the right mindset.

We build one thing. We have one conversation. BUT this can hit you in different angles, depending where you are in your business.

We’ve expanded through maintaining the same content, and having essentially “different arms” in our business that serve different people doing the same thing.

As you can see.. we are staying in the same lanes. While creating different pockets of growth.

That is what you need to be doing when you’re expanding your product or service.

The second thing is a channel expansion.

A lot of you guys are killing it on Instagram. You’re excited, you’ve got 100k – 1 million followers. That’s amazing.

But you have nothing on any of the other platforms. What would you do if Instagram went away… or the platform shifted?

You can’t ignore it, it is happening all the time. BUT no one really (wants to) thinks about it.

You need to be focused on creating an expansion process. We have a 10 point process that we have, where we amplify content.

I create a piece of video content and what’s going to happen with that one video is this..

It’s going to be edited and uploaded to YouTube, IGTV, Facebook.

It is also going to get chopped and borders will be added for my Instagram feed. Then cut and uploaded as a podcast.

Then we are going to put paid advertising behind it.

We’re going to also break this down into written content. We create an article and that article is going to go into LinkedIn, Medium, our website… etc

Then it gets broken down again. We create smaller pieces of content for other social platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook… etc.

We are doing one video and then we are expanding that into multiple pieces of content, of products, and services.

That is what you need to be creating.

The final thing.

Once you truly create expansion in your product suite, and you’ve created expansion with your content… you need to expand your niches.

Like I said earlier, we started AND expanded in the fitness space.

We’ve done a great job and we’re continuously growing. My goal is to be the biggest fitness influencer and marketing company in the world.

But, I know that’s just one niche.

So now that we’ve got that tight… we have expanded into real estate because we can use the same systems, processes and procedures.


Once we have expanded and systemized to the point of steady operation we will start the same process again in financial services.

Once we’re done with financial services, we’ll go into something else.

As you can see through this whole process explained… I’m doing one thing, and I’m expanding that one thing into multiple things within that space, that make sense and are congruent.

Not once did I hit you with the “Shiny Object Syndrome”.

I never said anything like…  “And then, I don’t know maybe we’ll do some other thing that can make a ton of money.”

A lot of things can make a ton of money, but be very aware that everything takes time, effort and money.

And you’re already putting your time, effort, and money into this.

Continue to expand in these ways.

I guarantee you and your business as an influencer will turn into multiple, successful, consistent brands