How to grow Your Sales Funnel From 6 to 7 Figures | Sales Ascension 2019

A lot of you guys wanna get the six, seven, eight, nine, 10 figures, big money, blah, blah, blah. Cool, that’s awesome.

Here’s the deal, I’m gonna show you guys how we do it!

So 10k a month is gonna get you to a six figure run rate. As a business, as a personal brand, whatever it is, it’s just math. This one is gonna be a 100K a month, and obviously, this one is getting into the million a month, or 800,000 plus a month is gonna get you into that, right.

But how do we?

We have, I was talking about plaques, and I was saying how ClickFunnels is this software that you can use, and they kind of I guess edify you by saying “Hey, this person’s cool, they have all these plaques!”

So, we have over seven seven-figure plaques, and we have an eight-figure plaque, which means that just one of our funnels, not brands, just one of our funnels has made over 10 million dollars.

How can you do the same thing?

Okay, for starters, you have to get to 10k a month before you can scale. You see ads and you see videos of people and they’re like “build a seven-figure business!”

You gotta build a five-figure and a six-figure business before you can even get the seven, it’s just basic math.

Okay, it’s about the only thing I learned in school! So you can’t jump into seven if you’ve never done five and you’ve never done six.

So how do we do things at scale?

The funnels that work for us the best, if you’re not doing high-ticket, or your not a beginner are ascension-based funnels.

Ascension-based funnels allow you to see the front end, which is  the sales page that gets people in first. Then you’re going into order bumps and up-sales and stuff like that.

So what an ascension funnel does is it basically goes like this…

Here’s thing one for $37, here’s thing two, let’s just say that this is gonna cost 97, and here’s thing three, and let’s just call this $97 as well. I’m just being funny with the numbers, ’cause they’re kind of irrelevant because we’re making up a situation, here.

So that is the best way for you to be able to profitably scale a brand if you’re not doing high ticket. If you’re doing high ticket, it’s very simple. If you’re selling something for $10,000, you need 10 people to hit $100,000 a month.

So whether you’re doing that, or you’re doing this, the other one would be, like I said, 10K, and then you get 10 people.

At the end of the day, to do both of those things, you’re gonna need to leverage advertising. That’s how we scale, I don’t start stuff organic anymore, I just don’t have that kind of time to just sit there and type on the computer.

As you scale, and as you grow two things happen.

At first, when you start with your business, all you have is time, you have no money. So all you can put in is time, time into chats, time into groups, time into focusing and making more money. Once you have money, you don’t have that much time. You’re doing more things, you’re scaling bigger, so you need systems and processes, and for us, we need paid advertising because it’s a process and a system that allows us to scale our advertising through our offers.

This is how we’re able to do this, because we basically create one of these two situations.

Now, you’re probably thinking Los, which one should I do? Listen, it doesn’t really matter which one you do, as long as you do one of them.

If you’re a beginner, I’m gonna start with the high-ticket. If you’re more seasoned, and you have something that’s already doing this, like my friend, Tanner, who is already doing almost a million a month on ads, we’ve been talking about doing new things with him.

We’re thinking about doing something like this, like an ascension funnel, Why? Because it expands the amount of people that you can get. If you’re already doing big money on high-ticket, you might be burning that offer out. What works today doesn’t necessarily work tomorrow.

Think of it as a depreciating asset, okay.

You have an asset right now, and over time, let’s say a car, that asset depreciates. It gets devalued, there is less good inside of it, and you have to go get a new car because it works better, it’s better functioning, it’s new, it’s got all these new bells and whistles.

The audience, the marketplace, hasn’t seen it, so they take it the same way. So now you’re building another asset. When you start asset stacking is when you’re gonna get to seven and to eight figures. So that is what you guys need to do in turn to go from six to seven to eight figures.

First off, you need to have one offer. That one offer needs to be getting you to the hundred thousand dollars a month. First you’re gonna have to get to the 10K. Then focus on the same thing to get you to the 100K, once you’re at 100K, you can consistently add new assets because you’re gonna have depreciating assets coming in, and you’re gonna have to continue to fill the pipeline so you can expand your audience.

So again, with low-ticket the thing here, we’re going for volume, we’re going for a volume of people, like with Drew we have like 500,000 people.

So we’ve got 500,000 people on our email list. So what that allows us to do is remarket to them on email, and then be able to sell high-ticket, be able to sell supplements, be able to sell more things, and we consistently use this to market and grow and grow our list, our asset, so we can continuously expand and expand.

Low-ticket is where we start people that are just beginning, or we were beginning something as well, and we wanna get a little bit more money in hand so we can spend more money on advertising, ’cause this one is a little bit harder.

Then with high-ticket, what we do is that we sell one thing typically in the five to 10 to 15 thousand dollar, to twenty thousand dollar range. Now if you’re just getting started, there’s nothing you’re gonna be able to sell for 20 grand.

We sell masterminds and memberships and different kinds of consulting packages at $20,000 because we actually know what we’re doing here, but you can find something in the 1,000 to $5,000 realm that you can sell specifically.

I’ve got videos on how to focus, and how to specifically find your thing that you want to start selling as well.

So you can look at those videos. So once you’ve hit this, you’re going to end up having to do one of these things. The main reason, even if you don’t do low-ticket or an ascension, is because you’re gonna need a bigger offering to be able to scale into the seven and the eight figures.

If you wanna see more videos like this where I go a little bit in depth, and you guys wanna see the pages, I’m actually gonna show the pages of the ascension funnels. Then I’m gonna show you some pages of our high-ticket stuff, which is very simple.

So let me know if you have questions, comments, concerns, anything like that. I am ALWAYS active in my Youtube comments.. I live over there. Come over and say hey.. ask me some questions and let’s talk business.