How to Have Self-Discipline|Mindset Training

Today we’re gonna talk about how to have more self discipline in your life.

I think Jocko Willink who has a podcast, wrote some books, great dude, he has a saying or I might have stolen it from someone else, but I use it in my everyday life and it is: structure is freedom.

Okay now, that sounds like an oxymoron. It is actually not an oxymoron.

The more structure you have inside of your life, inside of your business, inside of everything that you do, the more freedom you have because structure creates freedom.

A lot of people get overwhelmed and they get stressed out and get anxiety and things like that because they don’t have structure. When you have structure, you know what you’re doing at what time.

You can structure your day, you can build more self discipline.

The other big factor is mindset. Creating that mindset shift. You have to decide and you have to commit mentally that you want to create structure inside of your life, inside of your business, inside of any kind of thing that you wanna operate and be better at.

The more you can do that, the more you build habits, the more disciplined you become. And the more disciplined you become, the better you are at achieving more things.

It’s simple. You have to keep things simple.

The other problem people face, is they try to do too many things.

Again, coming from overwhelm, coming from finding ways to be distracted, coming from not having structure, they’re like, well, I’ll just do all these things, and the more stuff you do, the less stuff you get done.

Habits build confidence for you to build more discipline and discipline allows you to do more stuff.

Listen, we’ve built a lot of structure inside of all the businesses that we have. We have over four businesses doing seven figures.

We have a business that did eight figures last year and hopefully we continue to grow all of these businesses and we will do it because we have the right structure, system and processes in place.

Do you have problems with self discipline and structuring your stuff? Head over to my YouTube channel where I am actively in the comments helping the community break their current mindset, so that they can reach this desired structure.

As always, thanks for reading. I will continue to have brand new, easy to digest, business content dropping every Tuesday and Thursday!