How to Make Money on Instagram for Beginners | Make Money with Instagram Account

Today, I’m gonna talk to you guys about how to make money on Instagram. Especially if you’re just getting started and you’re a beginner.

I’m gonna give you guys some quick ways to make money on Instagram.

If you’re growing your account, you could do shoutouts. It’s not gonna pay you a ton unless you grow your account massively into the hundreds of thousands or millions. However, if you wanna get some beer money or just some fast food money, or whatever you’re in to, then this is a great way to start.

What is a shoutout Los? It’s basically people DM you because you’ve grown a good page and say, “Hey, how much to shout me out?” You can pay people to shoutout to grow your page, but also people will start paying you to help them grow their page.

You can charge anywhere from honestly, if you’re growing big pages, a few thousand. But you can start that off at like, 50, 60 bucks per shout out depending if you can build your own packages.

That’s a quick, easy way to do it. It’s not the way I like to do things, because we obviously try to do things at scale.

We own our own brands on everything, so we don’t do that kind of stuff.

Way number two. You can do affiliate sales.

So if you don’t have a product, if you don’t know what to sell, if you don’t have any of these items to sell yet, it’s totally fine.

Depending on the niche you are in, there is an affiliate product for that.

You can go to, You can go to, and you can check out massive amounts of affiliate programs of people in all kinds of space.

Health, wellness, personal development, make money online, archery, gardening. It doesn’t really matter, there is a product or program out there for that.

So you can reach out, get an affiliate link, and when people buy that product, you will be paid out.

There’s different payouts and stuff like that on all those platforms, so just go check out the product and it’ll tell you how much they’re willing to pay you.

If you’re a coach, consultant, if you actually have a service and you know what you’re selling, you can always get people to apply. Or you can get people on DM’s and have conversations through that.

Whether it’s an application or conversations on DM’s. You can sell your product or service directly that way.

If you’re able to do that, you’ll make money faster in my opinion, because you have a real service.

You’re actually able to help people through and actual pay point that costs more money and it nets more money because you’re doing this for free, and you know, affiliate payouts, you gotta get a lot of those to make a lot of money.

With services and higher ticket goods, you’re actually able to make money faster because it’s more money, obviously, simple math.

Those are the three fastest ways to gain a quick buck off Instagram. I can give you more but it doesn’t make any sense because you have to implement one of these and see which one is right for you.

If you think you know which one is right for you, let’s talk. Click the link below to come hang out with me and the rest of the community in the comment section.

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