How to Rank on Youtube

Los here and today I’m going to show you how to get on the front page of YouTube, leveraging YouTube’s algorithm in 2019.

Featuring Dan! Dan take it away…

What’s going on guys, this is Dan, the YouTube Savage here, and I’m gonna bring to you today a case study about how to organically rank and generate warm leads through YouTube videos without spending any money on any types of ads, or any types of traffic.

So, if you search for Slim Fast or Keto you will see Los, a familiar face ranking number two for SlimFast Keto.

We have about 13,000 views in four months, and that’s due to all organic traffic. That is great and we actually rank for pretty much any reiteration of this.

SlimFast, as one word or Keto first, or SlimFast Keto, Keto SlimFast, and everything related to it.

A good way to actually prove the system is working is to open up a private window if you’re using Chrome, I’m using Firefox, if you’re using Chrome, just open an incognito tab and go to YouTube and you’re just gonna run your search again.

So, let’s try SlimFast Keto. You can see we’re number two here. Let’s try a couple more, Keto SlimFast, as one word. There we are, number three. Let’s try Keto Slim Fast as two words. Number five. Let’s try SlimFast as one word. Keto, so you guys are gonna get the idea.

We’re gonna hit top, looks like top three or four here and you really, really want these top spots here because if the person begin to scroll, you know, obviously your chances of your video getting clicked on will go down, your impressions, everything will go down.

So how did we get there?

Basically, there’s a combination of three things that we use to get there.

The first thing is the consistency of our channel. So, before I kinda get into consistency, and I know that’s kind of an intimidating word especially when it comes to creating content.

I wanna let you guys know, our channel is nine months old and we’re probably gonna hit 9,000 subscribers by the end of the month. So, it’s not impossible to launch a YouTube channel today and start getting leads today.

I know that sounds kinda too good to be true but it’s actually a lot easier than you think. So keep in mind our channel is very young. You don’t need a billion subscribers to rank. As a matter of fact, you don’t need any subscribers to rank really.

It’s really about knowing the algorithm, kinda playing the game of the algorithm, and getting into the head of what type of content people are looking for on YouTube, so I’m sure you’ve heard it before but YouTube is a search engine and not a social network, like Facebook or Instagram, so people come here for answers.

They come here to check out things like taste tests, or how-to’s. I mean education, inspiration, and motivation are the top three, I’m sorry, and comedy, are the top four watched genres on YouTube.

So as long as your can educate or inspire with your business, you’re doing the right thing.

We’re educating people on SlimFast Keto meal bars and taste tests.

Let’s get out of incognito mode here. That’s the first tip, I mean look at this. For months and months we were just putting up three, two, three videos a week, all about Keto, different Keto topic.

You know, we’d range in views anywhere from 900 to 3,000, 4,000. We had one on here that is almost at 40,000 views. Like I said, ours is about nine months old. So consistency of all the Keto videos that we made in the past.

You know, we had a lot of Keto programs and supplements and things we were selling, so we made videos just about that, because obviously the people that are searching for Keto might be interested in our products as well.

Let me show you what that looks like to one of our viewers. So say they search, type in slim fast keto, right? Click on here. First things first, I wanna show you how you can actually generate those leads.

If you click show more, if they’re gonna read the description here is the first place that a link to our cookbook comes up. It’s just our opt-in page, our lead magnet, you click on that, you know the drill.

Enter info, get our free Keto cookbook. Boom, get their email. So, that’s one instance.

The next instance, and I actually don’t have it on this video because I pinned someone else’s really nice compliment on YouTube, but typically I would ask an engaging question, like ‘What do you guys think about SlimFast Keto meal bars?’ ‘What do you guys think about the taste test video I did today?’ ‘If you wanna know how I do Keto, here’s a link to my cookbook. Click the link below.’

So now there’s two places. The third place is up in these info cards. Now, I’m not sure where in the video it is and I’m not about to sit here and wait to see when it pops up, but you’ve all seen YouTube videos where this thing comes popping up across the screen, it usually says ‘suggested’, ‘watch this video’, ‘suggest to watch that’.

You can actually put an external link in there, so that’s another place. It just says ‘Free download!! Los’s Keto Cookbook’ with a right finger emoji, so they know to click there.

That is three places on the same video. The fourth place is at the end of the video, when Los is talking about how to, basically subscribe here, watch more videos here, and if you hit play and if you want this free Keto cookbook, hit here to download.

That is now four places on one video. We have 160-something videos uploaded right now. Think of four times 160-something, just for generating leads. I mean that is a crazy opportunity especially with views like 13,000 in nine months.

So that is the first thing. The first thing is that we helped ourselves from the beginning with consistency and even then, still, you do not need, like I said, you don’t need to have a consistent, year long channel to start ranking.

The second thing is going to be the trend. So I have this tab here. Oh wow, past five years. Okay, so, you can see here February 2017, Keto really started to pick up. This is Google trends, by the way, so you know people are really searching for Keto. And I think this was when that whole Jillian Michaels thing, when she spoke out about Keto happened, so people were going crazy over that.

So you can see that this huge peak, or this huge trend, has been happening over the past year or two with Keto. So obviously Keto is constantly, constantly trending. The other thing is SlimFast.

It looks like SlimFast interest on YouTube kinda going down since February 2018, a year ago. SlimFast released their product sometime in September, I believe, but they really didn’t start marketing it until November, December.

Then boom, all of a sudden, November, January, December, this area, people are really searching for SlimFast and SlimFast Keto.

So Keto is trending, and new products are always going to be trending on YouTube, and people want reviews, so it was actually kinda funny, we were in the store the day that SlimFast released these products, kind of cold, on the shelves, no commercials, or advertisements or anything, and we noticed it, we were like, “Oh man, we gotta jump on this, it’s so new.”

So what we did was we went to the store that day, we got all the products, we brought them to the video and I’ll actually put a link to the video in the description here, but we basically did a funny taste test video and people love that stuff, and we were one of the first people to jump on it.

We have the trends, we have the consistency of our channel, now there’s a third thing.

Obviously its optimizing your ranking, and I’m gonna show you how I do that. Those three things combined, created the perfect storm for us, where we got 13,000 views in four months.

All organically and we got hundreds of clicks on our lead magnet which was the free Keto cookbook, and we still consistently do, as you can see, so let’s click on our video here.

I actually have a plug-in installed called TubeBuddy and shows you where you rank for certain keywords. All of my keywords here, pretty much for the most part, except for the ones that I recently added down here.

These are all ranking. So SlimFast Keto, number two. SlimFast Keto Fat Bomb, number two. SlimFast Keto review, number two. Fat Bomb taste test, SlimFast Fat Bomb, number three. Keto SlimFast, number three.

So you can see there’s a lot of one’s, two’s and three’s and a couple number four’s, which is still really good, and that is exactly where you wanna be and now that, and I’ve told you that consistently we’ve been doing these videos for nine months now.

We launched these ones back in September, and these rankings are still holding. That’s a very, very good sign that this ranking will never, ever go away, unless somehow somebody just destroys us on that ranking, which I highly doubt because its not really a new product anymore, so we kinda own that spot on YouTube.

So, how did I get it to rank like this? Now obviously, the trend and like I said, the consistency of our channel really helped, but it’s really in the meta-data.

A perfect raw file name, would be the search term that basically you see the best results in your key here. So, if we had maybe one for Keto SlimFast. If I just had the words, ‘Keto SlimFast’ here, or if it was just ‘SlimFast Keto.mp4’, that would be the perfect file name because meta-data does count towards your ranking on YouTube.

So, even though it’s still in the title here, it’s a great meta data title, so it’s picking that up. ‘Meal bar taste test’, that’s actually one of my tags I think down here, so it wasn’t the worst in the world, but if I were to redo it, I would just name it ‘SlimFast Keto’.

That would help as well. It might actually put us on the number one spot. So the first thing is meta-data. The second thing is your actual title. ‘SlimFast Keto.’ You gotta make sure that your, what I like to call your focus keywords, so SlimFast Keto, the one I kept typing in over and over again, is in your title at least in one place.

Now, you may notice I have 2019 here, when I had the video up it was still 2018 and it was actually labeled as 2018 up until last week, and it actually gave the video a boost in ranking one spot, just by changing the number to 2019.

So it’s always good to keep updated on when your time, ’cause nobody’s gonna want to watch a Fat Bomb taste test from, or any video from 2017, they want something current.

That is the first thing is the meta-data name, the second thing is the title, the third thing is your description, right? I actually don’t write my description until I have all my tags in here and the tags here are, there’s definitely a whole lot more than just a guessing game, what you think people are searching for.

Like I said before, I have a plug-in called TubeBuddy, so if you click here and have this on, there’s something called the keyword explorer.

I think everyone that wants to take YouTube seriously needs this tool. It is the best thing I’ve ever heard in my life, or ever used in my life. It basically, it helps you find good keywords to use for your videos, so SlimFast Keto. It will tell you the overall score.

Good! So there’s weighted and un-weighted. Weighted means this applies to my channel, and unweighted just means in general. So, you’ll notice that my channel actually ranks higher than unweighted because of the consistency. So you’ll see that the search bar volume is in the orange here which means moderate.

If it was in the yellow it would be high, so it’s kinda teetering high. There is moderate competition, but the optimization strength of the competition is extremely low, so ‘SlimFast Keto’ is a great keyword for us to use. And even if we were a brand new channel, by looking at un-weighted, the competition is high, the search volume is moderate, but there’s still kinda a little bit of low optimization strength, so you could even rank there if you want.

Basically, what you would do, and I can move this to the side here. You look at all my tags here, so I have ‘SlimFast Keto’, then I have all my other tags, so ‘Fat Bomb review’, and I would do this with every single one of my tags. Oops! So, ‘Fat Bomb review’.

Another good tag. Looks like a moderate search volume, a moderate amount of competition, barely any optimization from your competition.

So as you can see this kinda lays it out, whether this is a good, a very bad, a perfect, a great, keyword for you to use. Obviously it doesn’t work all the time. Like, we can’t rate for ‘SlimFast’, it’s too broad. You wanna be very, very niche, so people are searching for ‘SlimFast Keto’, ‘SlimFast Keto Fat Bomb’, because they wanna know about those new products, so being as niche-specific as you can, and putting those tags in and using the keyword explorer tool, that helps immensely.

Now the last thing that I did for optimization, well, two things. One: I spent two seconds creating a thumbnail that I think people would wanna click over the others. If you look at the others, I mean you can do this super easily just by searching.

I mean, which one of these thumbnails would you wanna click on right now? They all pretty much have the same– Oh, what’s up, Ryan? This is our friend right here. We actually just went to go hang with him for a little bit in Tampa. But I mean, look at these thumbs.

There’s not, until you get down here, there’s not too much color. I mean it’s all just someone sitting at their table with boxes, you know, not really smiling or anything. Ryan’s thumbnail is kinda cool because he’s like ‘What’s going on here?’, but here you see Los has kinda got a smirk on his face.

You see somebody else is here, he’s holding the product, there’s colors, there’s you know, there’s the SlimFast logo. Like, everything is really popping, so I personally, and obviously I’m biased, but I’m gonna click on this thumbnail.

So that is very important, your thumbnail, and then last thing is your description. Super, super important as well. Now, what you wanna do is basically write your description based off of your tags and your title, and a lot of the time your description may not make grammatical sense, 100 percent, if that makes sense, and that’s because you’re not looking for perfect grammar, or perfect, what should I say?

Your sentences don’t necessarily 100 percent of the time don’t have to make sense on YouTube. It’s basically just trying to highlight those buzzwords and those keywords.

The first thing you wanna do is take your title and you just wanna copy and paste it to be the first line. Just like that.

So, ‘Have you tried the new SlimFast Keto products yet?’ So, SlimFast Keto, boom, there’s my first tag. ‘Well, here are my Keto thoughts’, another tag. And ‘SlimFast Keto review’, which is somewhere in here. SlimFast Keto, right here, number two. So, ‘Well here are my Keto thoughts and SlimFast Keto review’, not the most beautiful sentence in the world, but I’m hitting those two tags and people kinda get the gist.

You keep going. There’s a link to the free keto cookbook. SlimFast has recently come, so there it is, SlimFast, another keyword right here, has recently come out with a few SlimFast and you’ll notice there’s no space between here, because sometimes people search for SlimFast and sometimes people search for slim space fast, because people just don’t know, so you kinda have to think in the mind of a consumer as well.

Like what’s Debbie searching for when she gets out of work? Is it SlimFast? She may not be the best speller in the world, so it’s okay to use misspellings as your tags sometimes. I’ve actually used keeto, K-E-E-T-O, for people that just add an extra ‘e’ by accident. It can help. So I’ll keep going. ‘Keto products’, like their ‘SlimFast Fat Bomb’ which is somewhere in here. I mean you get the gist.

Of all the Keto taste tests and Keto food review episode, Keto taste test, Keto food review, I created this one, that has me the most nervous. ‘I think this might be the most interesting Fat Bomb review on the planet.’ So you kinda get the gist.

The other thing I did here is I actually sent this video to and I got the transcription and I’ll show you here, all I did– I don’t know if this is gonna drag. All I did was copy and paste the transcription. I think I have about 80 percent of the transcription here, into the rest of the video description here, so now all of those extra keywords that I use are only gonna reinforce my keywords that I use down here.

Then, at the bottom, I have his social media stuff and then down here I just have some extra keywords in quotes. So this can actually help. YouTube doesn’t necessarily like people doing this, but I haven’t really seen any pros or cons. I’m just kinda testing it out right now.

I also know that if you put the full length URL to your YouTube video in your description, it actually might help with YouTube indexing. So yeah, that’s basically it guys.

That’s the perfect storm on how you use consistency, rank optimization strategy, and trends in the market to to rank on YouTube.

I just showed you how we did it with SlimFast and how we used that as a warm lead generation tool, so if you guys have any questions, if you’re looking to do this for your channel as well, I am 100 percent down to help you guys.

Head over to Los’ YouTube channel and I will be active in the comments answering your questions!