How To Scale Your Business When Things Slow Down

Let’s talk about how there are “slow times” that happen as you are growing your business, and what you can do to offset that.

Slow times within a business is something that no one talks about BUT it’s a reality.

I’ve faced it in my business. I’ve talked to my peers who have faced it in their business. I’ve helped influencers for years and they all 100% go through this.

When you get started as an influencer, you’re just making content. You really, at the end of the day, don’t even really know where it’s going to end up.

Sometimes a post hits, it goes viral, and you create growth.

Now you’re selling stuff, you’ve got a good product, service, whatever the case, and you’re there, right?

You feel pretty good, things have changed, they have elevated for you.

But then… what is the first thought after the initial excitement of this new found growth?

You’re aggressively insecure. You feel like you don’t belong, you feel like you don’t deserve it, you feel like it’s going to go away, you’re extremely overwhelmed.

These are all anxiety-based feelings and thoughts that the mind creates.

It’s hard and oftentimes difficult to understand the process of going through extremely fast growing phases, and a lot of times that leaves us very insecure.

You go to other places where you have different peers and you hear them, and sometimes that will bring you down instead of encouraging you or lifting you up.

So the first thing I want to do… is clear your mindset.

You do deserve to be where you are, you do deserve to have this business, and you are someone who is bringing value.

Then you have the added stressed of feeling overwhelmed.

Now, why are you overwhelmed?

You’re overwhelmed because you’re doing too many things and chasing too many shiny objects. OR you’re doing all of it yourself, you’re the “chief of everything officer”.

You’re running your books, you’re writing your articles, you’re creating your content, you’re editing your videos, you’re doing sales, or you’re doing fulfillment for something.

Whatever the case… you’re doing it all.

The easiest thing to fix this, is to stop it, is knowing that you shouldn’t be doing this.

It’s understanding that you are the influencer and your unique ability is content creation and content expansion, you have an unique message that you want to use to help people.

The next thing you need to understand is who you need in your corner, on your team. Is it an assistant? Is it someone to amplify my content? Is it a salesperson to take my calls? Is it someone to design T-shirts for me?

Whatever the case, you should not be your only person.

You need to be thinking “how do I expand”, “how do I start growing”, “who needs to be here for my brand to really grow”?

It can’t be YOU at all times, because that is easily how you create the feelings of being overwhelmed and anxious. That is how things break, it’s a broken system.

You need the right processes and you need to understand that those processes are going to have to adapt to your business continually growing, right?

You’re going to have to expand with people in order for you to expand in your business.

The other thing that I see happening is… your business model is broken.

Your business model, a lot of the time, is doing anything that you can for a sale, and you’ve created that.

Or you’re successful at selling one thing and you find yourself having trouble expanding it from one avenue to many, or maybe you’re not getting too many sales.

Then you quickly find that this creates a problem on capital, it’s creating a sense of “rollercoaster income”.

Two quick ways to start thinking through the solution are..

  1.  Raise your prices. Raising your prices creates an extra cushion of capital. What is able to happen then is you’re ready to hire the right people to take away your feeling of being overwhelmed. It allows your mind to be in the right mindset so you can create more content to receive more growth.
  2. One of the big things that we do is make someone add a ladder that sells a product or service at a higher ticket. Now, you’re probably thinking, because you see all these people talking high ticket, “Oh, well I can’t do that. I sell this, that, the other.”

We’ve helped people making $899 a month and have turned it into 50k/60k thousand dollars from recurring revenue because of the volume that they have.

We implemented the right team, the right process, and the right offer that has always created revenue.

It relieves the feeling of being overwhelmed and anxious. It also allows you to hire the right people to take on processes and tasks, giving you the opportunity to have an open mindset. So then you can continue to be the creator and the content provider for your business so you can expand.

I want you to think through these steps.

What is happening in your business, right now? Where are you overwhelmed? How can you use these processes to fix or alleviate the dreaded overwhelmed feeling AND create a better system for scalable growth.

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