How to Use Instagram Story Highlights

Today, I want to talk to you guys on how you can use Highlights inside of your Instagram story.

So, if you haven’t seen Highlights, it is a cool way to showcase everything that’s going on in your business.

I’ve seen people do this all wrong.

I had pictures of my dogs, I had pictures of me going on planes. Literally, I had, like, an outfit of the day one. I dunno, I thought it was cool. But it didn’t work at all, no one liked it.

The thing that highlights should do is highlight what you do, who you are, how you help people.

At the end of the day, if you are watching this, you wanna make money with Instagram.

You don’t wanna go out and like check out meme pages and just kinda like waste your time.

You’re looking to see how you can effectively use the algorithm to make more money, get more leads, get more branding, and make more sales.

Inside of mine, I have a few tabs.

I have my Youtube tab. It takes people to my Youtube, it shows people the videos like this in case they’re not watching on Youtube. They can then swipe up and go inside of my Youtube. I’m directing the traffic over there.

The second thing I have is my influencer page. My Influence Engine page. So that’s an accelerator that we have where we coach people and help people grow their business with traffic, leads, and sales, so they can scale and have a business instead of just a hobby.

I have content pieces in there, I’m showing them inside, what’s in the course, the accelerator, and I’m giving them kind of like an idea so they can see that inside of the Highlights.

Third, I have results. So my results tab is testimonials. It’s people that I’ve helped, people that have had success with me, people that have said good things about me, results that I have in my businesses right now, like if we make 20k in a day or something in one of the things, I’ll post it. I’ll show it, and I’ll put it in the results tab.

So when people come in, I can show them this, but then you can see all the results, all the tabs for the results stuff and you can see the podcast, and you can see the Youtube, and you can see everything about me.

I’m getting to know, like, and trust my audience, and my audience is connecting with me, and they’re checking the results and being like oh, well, he’s got 90 thousand followers.

Man, he’s got results. Man, he’s got a pretty cool Youtube. Man, I swiped up and I listened to his podcast and I kind of enjoyed it, this dude’s pretty cool.

Like, I really like this, I resonate with this guy.

This is how you need to be using Highlights. If you’re just doing Highlights of like you getting drunk on Saturday and buying a bottle, you are wasting your time.

Listen, I’ve done that too. It’s fun, but no one really cares. At the end of the day, if you’re at the Travis Scott concert and you are posting all about it. No one cares.

No one gives a shit. People wanna know that you can help them.

So think about how you can help them. Be authentic. Take people to where you’re creating content inside of the Highlights and people are gonna start going, showing up for you, and then showing up to apply to work with you in whatever capacity it is you have.

This was quick a quick business thoughts, because I’m here to produce you tactical results.

Go apply this. If you’re gonna go apply this, let me know in the comments, say I’m doing it!

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