Instagram is RUINING Your Life

Listen guys, Instagram is ruining your life.

I’ve seen it happen every single day for the past few months and it’s getting ridiculous.

So listen, I’ve seen Instagram do this to people every single day. Now it’s ruining your life it you’re doing this every second of the day.

You’re just following meme pages like Dr. Fangyang and, you know, you’re just wasting your day.

If all you do is look at unique vines and their newest giveaway, and what Kim Kardashian is doing on a crazy meme. Dude, you’re wasting your time every single day.

What you need to be doing with Instagram is finding ways to leverage it to make money.

It’s the number one tool to actually make money immediately, organically.

I love You Tube, I love You Tube with all my heart. It’s my favorite platform overall. But does it take time to make money on You Tube? 150%.

If you think you’re gonna make some ad sense money and you’re gonna be the next Rice Gum, you’re not, okay? It’s not gonna work, those times are done.

You need to think, alright, what’s the fastest way that I can make money? What’s the fastest way that I can build my brand?

I talk about this in all my content, and a lot of people slide it to my Instagram DM’s @loshustle over here, and they say “Los, what’s the fastest, easiest way for me to make money, and start building my brand?”

Dude, it’s Instagram. It’s like a new business card. I don’t care if you’re looking for a better job, if you have a bigger Instagram and you’re putting out content, you’re more likely to get hired than the dude that’s coming at him with a crazy degree.

No one cares about those things anymore. They care about what you know. And if your Instagram is packed with good content, people are gonna hire you over the other person applying.

If the Instagram is packed with great stories, people are gonna swipe up and follow you, and hire you to do more.

If you’re asking people to DM you because you’re giving value and you’re saying hey guys, I got an event, I got a coaching program, I have a service. I do cleaning. I walk dogs. It doesn’t matter what you do. If you’re using it as a tool to make money, than its the number one tool, and the number one app you should be on.

But if your out there just looking at memes, hot girls, and trying to follow the world breaking egg account, dude, you’re not gonna make any money.

So I’m going to give you two tips because I don’t wanna make it hard for you. Two tips to make Instagram something that works for you.

Number one, Start using Instagram stories. We all have Instagram stories. You can create Instagram stories every single day. Grab your phone, press the button, and then just start going at it.

Whatever it is that your service is, I don’t care if you have a cleaning business, I have a friend who has a cleaning business, he gets deals every single day on Instagram for legitimate apartment complexes.

If you want to sell higher ticket stuff. If you’re a coach, if your a consultant, if you’re a personal trainer. Use Instagram, show people how you’re doing it everyday for other people.

Go live and have people do testimonials immediately live. Show them what’s going on.

Now number two, stop just posting pictures of your food on your feed. Start making quality content.

Think of Instagram as a blogging platform as well. Write some longer posts, give more content. Be more engaging, create relationships.

Stop using Instagram as a source of mindless meme entertainment and start using it for money. Those are the two tips, stories and feed. Make your feed like a blog, give a lot of content.

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