Instagram Tips and Tricks | Apps For Instagram Stories (Instagram SECRETS!)

What’s up everybody, my name is Los and today I’m going to talk to you about Instagram Tips and Tricks to make your Instagram easier and a smoother process when you’re making stories and growing your audience.

I’m a firm believer that Instagram is going be one of the biggest social platforms this year.

I know it’s been one of the biggest platforms, but a lot of things are happening with other platforms and if you’re able to leverage this now, it’s gonna be very fruitful for you in any kind of business that you have.

So today we’re talking to you guys about way you can make Instagram easier.

I know that a lot of times you guys see people making videos on Instagram stories and they’re very choppy and don’t really flow. It’s because they’re not using apps to make that stuff easier.

The easiest app that I use is actually called Cut Story. If you’re crazy and you’re fancy, you can pay for the whole full future. It won’t say Cut Story on the bottom. It’s like two bucks, you could probably do that. If not you’re like really, really, cheap. Two bucks and it comes off your phone. It’s not a crazy thing. But you should use it, because then you could just do fluid messages, right?

I could just shoot this, upload into Cut Story and Cut Story cuts everything into little chunks so I can just have a congruent message immediately. That’s how I set up all my messages using Cut Story for Instagram stories.

The next Instagram tip I have is… engagement groups. A lot of people been like, yo, what do I do with engagement groups?

One of the apps that we use to connect to other people that have engagement groups, or just create more engagement with people is called Telegram.

The more engagement you have the more Instagram’s like “okay, this is really working” and they boost you in their algorithm.

Now you can go into Telegram, there’s a lot of different groups inside of it, a lot of them are Instagram groups.

Start conversations with different people at different tiers, with different groups, and just check out what works for you and what’s inside of that, that could help you. So you can join some of those groups and get your engagement up.

The last Instagram tip I have for you is Linktree. What Linktree does, is if you don’t have swipe ups, or if you wanna have multiple things. You know there’s only one link inside of Instagram, which is the link on your profile.

If you wanna offer people more then one thing or have them check you out in multiple places, you can use Linktree. Linktree is a free service that provides you a way to add multiple links to their website and then provide you with one link to post in your profile.

Then you can have your audience check out your podcast, YouTube, your course or offer, content, etc. You can constantly push people to the link in your bio and not have to worry about changing links in and out as you talk about them through your content.

Now I will warn you. I don’t think this is congruent if you’re trying to sell stuff. Because if you’re trying to sell stuff, and you take them to the Linktree and there’s four different options, there’s four different places for people to click.

So that means there’s three or four different opportunities for them to not click your sales thing. So I would not use it if I’m trying to sell stuff. But I’m just giving content and having people go to my other platforms, I can set up my Linktree, or you can set up your Linktree and have them go into whatever it is that you wanna direct them to.

So those are three quick and easy tools that you can use to make using Instagram easier.

As always guys, head over to YouTube let us know in the comments if you like Linktree, if you use Telegram, or if you’re using Cut Story, and if you paid for the paid version or if you’re doing the free version, let me know.