Internet SCAMMER Vs. Internet Marketer

What’s up, everybody? Los with everybody here. We are about to go out and do some fun activities but before that, I’m gonna give you guys another agency audit.

We’ve had a lot of people tell us how much they like the audits and honestly, we kinda wanna take a dump on agencies that don’t do a good job.

If you want a real good agency, you should probably apply to work with us, we have a few different ways. But in the meantime, check out this audit, we had Malby set it up for you guys.

Malby: Agency audit número dos. What’s up, guys? Today we’re doing our second agency audit. This one is particularly interesting because the guy that’s running these accounts is someone that I’ve had a little bit of a personal vendetta with for over a year now.

Now, this is mainly because the guy is a scammy douche and likes to scam people that own fitness businesses and do the whole, hire me for three months, sign a contract, while I run your business into the ground, and then leave you holding the remains while I find a new client, kind of thing.

But, by now, I’m sure you’ve noticed that if I’m gonna tell you I feel a certain way about something, I’m usually gonna tell you the story to back it up.

So, here is that story. Some time last year, somebody posted in the ClickFunnels groups. Some kind of fitness business marketing question. Then this guy comments that he’s the number one fitness, he didn’t even answer the question he just says, I’m the number one fitness marketer in the United States. I spend a quarter million a month. You know, all this stuff.

I see the guy and this is someone I’ve never seen before. So, of course, I’m like, alright, hold on buddy. We actually do this, and Los personally knows everybody else, literally, in the fitness industry that does anything real.

So, how did this guy just happened to pop up outta nowhere and then instantly become the best? I go check out his profile. It’s a guy in his early 20s in a suit with big hair in front of a rented Lamborghini.

Of course, instantly I just see him, and think “oh, he’s just a scammy douche.”

Months go by, whatever, and one day I’m scrolling through my feed and I see some ads that I made for a friend that was a prior client, and they’re ads that I physically made, photoshopped, all this kind of stuff.

I see it, I’m like that’s my ad. So, I go into the account that, of course, we own and then I go and see who turned all these ads on. Lo and behold, it’s Sir Douche A Lot.

So then, I watch the ad performance for a couple days, I see this guy literally just went and turned back on old stuff that I had running. It went out of his CPA, it was going negative for like, two weeks straight, and I hit up the dude that owned the brand and I was like hey, man, I looked in the accounts and I saw that that guy that you picked up literally isn’t doing anything, he just turned on old ads that were kind of working. Do you want me to just run this for you?

And he said “dude, I can’t. I signed a three-month contract with this guy, you know. We have to let ’em run for the three months.”

So I was like, alright, you know, whatever. Do your thing. And, of course, they ran it for three months, it went a couple thousand dollars negative, the guy got fired, all this kinda stuff.

Well, it turns out that that guy is terrible at marketing for people but he’s really good at marketing himself as the best and like I said at the beginning, he’s one of those kinds of people that just gets a client in, runs their account into the ground, takes their money and then gets a new one.

Through multiple grapevines we’ve heard that literally every single client that he’s worked with is now in the red and needs some kinda help.

So, I was extremely excited to get into one of these accounts. And so, to wrap up this tangent and my mini vendetta, the way that my petty self is seeing it is that this guy used my ads to take advantage of one of our friends and that’s just not gonna fly.

That’s why I’m extremely excited to go and check out this account because this account and this brand and this offer and everything the guy’s running, should’ve easily been a slam dunk.

The person that owns the brand is a big fitness guy, he has over a million followers on Instagram, his product is, I think, $47. It gets, like, I think $10 retargeting purchase and everything but they’ve really been running negative for over two months now.

The client is not happy with it, he was expecting to have some kind of scale. When I talked to him in person he was under the impression that they’re spending $1000 a day ’cause that’s what these people told them.

In reality, they’re spending, like, $300 a day and it’s negative most of the time. But there’s also some really interesting stuff in here that just shows how lazily the entire offer was ran.

So now, let’s actually dive into the account and see exactly what I’m talking about.

Alright, so here is the account. We are looking at a one month view. Like I said, the CPA for the product is, I think, like $47. These guys didn’t think to make any kind of upsells or anything so, of course, that will be phase, I guess, one, you know.

When we start helping this guy out. But just looking at this, at the top level we can see that, you know, we got $139 CPA here, 113, 106, 119, 61.

Yeah, I’m sure they’re testing and stuff but this is, I mean, fuck, 325, 138. That’s retargeting stuff, awesome. But all of this stuff is just, you know, way negative.

Now let’s change those columns to something better looking. Alright, so far this month they’ve spent 4800 and if these values are correct, which I believe they are, they’ve gotten four grand back.

Overall, so far for the month they’re negative 800. And let’s go in and see the placements. ‘Cause this is the interesting part. So, you know, like I said earlier the guy that owns his brand, he has over a million followers on Instagram.

You would think that Instagram is going to be the place that has all the purchases. Let’s go and check this out.

So, I have my placement devices, I’ll sort it by purchases first and then I’ll do this. Facebook News Feed, okay. Facebook News Feed. Facebook Desktop. Instagram Stories, that’s juicy. Instagram Feed, $127 CPA.

Now, this, I mean, Marketplace is doing better, I mean, all these things really are super high. But the funny thing is, actually, let’s go to a 30 day view. See if we can get some more data on here. Facebook, Facebook, Instagram Stories.

I know that’s from their retargeting campaign because I notice they’re not targeting Instagram Stories in their cold ads, which is silly. Let’s see, so Instagram Feed, 71. They almost have better results, really, on a desktop feed than they do on Instagram mobile with an iPhone, which is absurd because that should be their primary demo.

Now, the reason that it’s garbage is because these guys have been using one photo ad the entire time. And then they use that same ad for retargeting and change the copy on it and then they have one weird, kind of, video that they use for Instagram Stories that’s like, it’s kind of terrible.

It really isn’t congruent with anything. But the point is, there is the guy that’s the face of the brand has a million followers on Instagram, he has a ton of how-to-do videos, what to do, not to do, workout stuff, you know, meal plans.

Everything that you would really dream for if you wanted to make some quality ads in need of some good content, it’s all on the page.

So, why was there just one photo ad being run this entire time? Just lazy and sloppy, that’s all it really comes down to. The fact that the number one demo is buying off of Facebook, this really should just be Instagram heavy all the way through.

It’s going to be really easy to come in here and just use this guy’s actual content as ads and really do the basics and get this thing spending over $1000 a day profitably, just by doing the basics and having some common sense about stuff.

Let’s actually look in campaigns. So change it by delivery, so these are the ones that were made most recently and they’re all using that one photo ad, all the way through, all of these campaigns are just using this one photo ad.

Also, they’re not using post IDs which I find very interesting because, I mean, you should always be using post IDs unless you actually know what you’re doing and you’re trying something out specifically to see maybe if you can get Facebook to show the ads to more people because they’re not getting tied to that post ID.

Like, if you’re not going to be using post IDs you should have an exact reason why that you’re testing to not do it. But, using the same exact ad across 20, 30 campaigns, and not using post IDs, it is just silly.

Also, the comments on them are terrible. Clearly, no one’s moderating any of this stuff. I see here, we got these 399s. This, this is hilarious because this is the whole micro budget thing that, maybe two weeks ago now, some guy posted in ClickFunnels, the ClickFunnels Facebook group, that there was, he had this new method for micro budgets and it was the best thing ever, and it had these super crazy returns.

If you look at the screenshot it’s kinda fishy because the screenshot’s eight months old, all of the ad sets, they only spent, you know, two to three dollars, so they ran for a day or maybe three and then were turned off.

Then there was a super old screenshot where this guy was saying that it worked really well so everybody, myself included, went and tested it. Either people saw and were either, oh my God, that’s amazing, I’m gonna try it. Or people like me and David, ’cause we talked about this, saw it, instantly noticed the dates were weird and thought wow, this guy’s probably full of shit.

Let’s go and test this idea out. Of course I haven’t seen it do really well in any account whatsoever and I’ve seen it run across every different vertical so far.

I’ve really seen, maybe, five different accounts that aren’t mine that were trying this kind of micro budget thing and they all flopped horribly.

So, I’d like to see if it worked but I think that guy was just full of shit. Now, let’s see. So this, this campaign could do well if it was cleaned up. You know, a lot of things are just running really, for no reason.

Clearly, winners have been indicated at this point. All this should be shut down. So, you know, just more sloppy stuff. The guy’s probably just trying to spend.

But what’s really funny too is going into all this stuff and one of these a retargeting account, I think. One had like, really great CPAs. Yeah, that’s retargeting. So let’s hit view setup. And the funny part is they’re not excluding anything.

So, usually, you would break things down by excluding your buyers or if you’re targeting people that just viewed the sales page you would exclude people that hit the add to cart page, stuff like that. But not excluding anything.

Across any, like look at this, this is a column in the middle. No exclusions whatsoever. So that’s pretty funny. It’s pretty interesting. Overall, it’s just sloppy.

Also on top of that, the guy that’s running these accounts and all of this stuff, he’s not actually running the accounts. I’m not gonna go in and pull up the name in here but I saw the person’s name.

I went and found them on Facebook and it’s some kid in Sweden. So, it’s a dude probably in his maybe early 20s in Sweden that’s actually running this account.

So, this guy is in the U.S. telling people he’s the best fitness marketer in the U.S., getting all these clients. Then outsourcing the actual media buying to people that clearly don’t really know what they are doing.

They’re testing out some stuff, there’s really, it’s kinda just odd what’s going on. I love this one. I love just the weight watcher’s interest that from what I’ve seen here, it doesn’t really convert that well. But having the 99 interest thing and it’s still running and the $258 CPA.

So, actually, that was last 30… Is it getting better? No, that’s the one, now through 25, it’s even getting worse.

So, point is there’s a lot of just weird, random laziness in here that is really what you see most of the time. This is really what I was expecting going into this account.

Just because clearly the history and the story that I’ve told you about the guy. I wasn’t expecting much but this is even, you know, less than I was expecting.

The fact that they have a huge asset library to choose from and a huge Instagram page to leverage and all this stuff. And they’re just running just one photo ad and had been for the longest time. It really just shows that these people were just here, take some money for a couple months and wait until they get fired.

Well, luckily, for the guy that owns the brand those three months are up and we are here to save the day.

So, specifically, if you’re in the fitness industry and you have been working with the best fitness influencer in the U.S. that has really big hair and likes to wear suits and pretends that he knows what he’s doing….

DM Los @loshustle to learn more.. we can help you. I’d love to go in and check out these accounts and really see if they are as really bad and sloppy as this one because there’s really no reason that this brand by now, they’ve been running it for a couple months, shouldn’t be spending $2000 a day plus profitably because all of the assets are there.

The thing clearly works.

The fact that he’s getting like $10 retargeting just shows that off that one photo ad is working really well so all this account needs is some tender, love and care. It’s just gonna go straight up.

I’m really excited that I’m lucky enough to be the guy that’s gonna go in and make this thing explode.

So guys, that is it for this audit. If you ever go and look into anybody else’s accounts go through the things that I just went through as far as the devices, the breakdowns, kind of think of it holistically.

Before I went into this, I thought, okay, I’ve said a million times now. This guy has a big Instagram page. He has all these assets, okay. So I can go use these as ads, okay, perfect. Let me go in and look at these accounts. None of that is being utilized, cool. So now I know that my first step is going to be doing the basics.

Get all the assets I have available, make them into ads, launch them to the interest, try ’em out, see what works, make some look-alikes, set up the details retargeting, have the guy record me some selfie videos and stuff so I could use as ads.

All of the basic stuff that really ensures success is all that this brand needs to really get to the next level and start really generating some real revenue.

So that’s it guys. I hope this video was somewhat useful and not just a rant on my part but it does make me feel pretty. So, I’ll see you guys in the next one.

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