Love the Process|Business Motivation

If you’re new, what’s up, my name is Los. Today we’re gonna talk about loving the process.

The mindset that you need to have running the process. This stemmed because we’re launching a new brand with a girl, her name is Hannah, she’s cutesy bears.

It’s not really smashing. Just being honest right, like, not everything smashes immediately.

So first thing is, you have to love process, right? Because not everything is going to go well, especially in the beginning.

I’ve never had a business that I’ve just launched and it’s done well immediately. I think that’s almost impossible, and if it’s working for you, let me know below on the comments.

Like, yeah, I just launched something, it went really well, and now I’m just continuously making even more money. That sounds magical and ridiculous at the same time.

We launched a brand called Girl Brand with Hannah, and it’s going okay. It doesn’t have the numbers that we would like to see, and she got a little discouraged.

So I told her, I sent her a text message and I said listen, you need to learn to love the process. Inside of that text I said, one of the big things you need to learn is to be grateful, and this is what you should learn, too.

I know that sounds cheesy, and I used to think this was cheesy as well, but you have to be grateful, right?

She came from a place where she didn’t love what she was doing. Now she loves what she’s doing. She gets to do it every single day. She gets to learn more and more. She’s in an environment where people care and love her, and support everything that she’s trying to build.

She’s building a brand with a huge mission and a vision, and those things take time. She’s learning on every step of these failures, we’re learning what not to do, what doesn’t resonate, and how to have better conversations with the audience.

You wouldn’t be able to look at those things in a positive way if you weren’t thinking, man, I’m grateful that I’m able to go through these things, right?

If you’re just self deprecating and negative, you’re not gonna love the process, you’re gonna hate everything you do, and if you hate everything you do, you’re gonna suck at everything you do.

So you have to learn to love the process. You have to learn to understand that life is a journey.

We’re going for a big goal, right? Every single one of us has some sort of a big goal.

We all have something inside us that says like, man, I really wanna build this big. I really wanna create this thing, and sometimes it’s gonna suck, it’s just not gonna be good.

It’s gonna be unfortunately bad. The ads are gonna suck, or traffics gonna suck, or you’re gonna be doing videos like this, and no one’s gonna watch ’em.

It happens man, but it’s all part of the journey.

The second you can start becoming grateful that you’re getting to learn these things and apply these things is the second that you’re gonna be able to look at the process as a whole from a different lens.

Then you will have more success, find more ways to improve to build better processes so you can consistently create more wins inside of your life, and inside of your business.

Head over to my Youtube channel. I am super active in the comments over there. It has been fun seeing where you guys are at and how I can help you! When you head over there… let me know in the comments what your big goal is, and what you want to achieve.

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