REAL Success Through a Positive Mindset | The 33% Rule

Listen, today we’re gonna talk about a personal development. I am going to give you a little bit of knowledge on your mindset and I’m gonna tell you a few things that are probably broken with not just your mindset but your surroundings.

There’s a lot of people that are younger or are kinda stuck, kinda moving into a different phase and I see this all the time. I see the people with the cars, and the planes and the things.

For starters that’s Instagram, right? Like, most peoples’ lives aren’t really like that. It’s a little bit of a facade but then I see people complaining when they see people that are shredded like “oh man I wish I could do that.” or when I see people that post something successful in a business kind of a situation “oh, man I wish that was me bro.”

The reason that its not you. And you have this “why not me” syndrome is because ya’ lazy, bro! And your mindset is broken.

There are a few logical reasons why you are not having success and they’re gonna hurt, they’re gonna sting a little bit, it’s gonna hurt your stomach you’re gonna feel like ah man. It’s because I’m hitting home, okay?

The reason that you suck is ’cause you’re stuck. And the reason that you’re stuck is most likely because of your surroundings.

Listen to this, my friends, my best friends are the people in this office and then I have friends that I’ve accumulated over the years in business, who have become my best friends, my brothers, things like that. The average person that I hang out with makes millions of dollars and has a very particular mindset, they’re dedicated, they’re willing to work, they’re good family men, they’re honest, they’re abundant-mindset based, they have all these qualities, and I can’t help but to grow into those qualities because it’s a part of me.

This office is the exact same way because I bring this office up, and I take them away from any kind of negative energy. I’m not going full woke on you. Kind of letting you know that this is some real talk. The odds are, you’re hanging out with your friend Donnie, Drake, and Mateo, okay?

These three guys like to get drunk off Natty Light on the weekends. They kind of talk about the Internet Marketing space they don’t like what’s going on and if you’re doing something successful, they’re low-key probably mad and upset with you. Why? Because they’re not doing it so they’re telling you it’s a bad idea, so they’re telling you the market doesn’t have money, so they’re telling you that the ideas that you have and the things you’re trying to reach aren’t reachable. That’s not true!

You’re hanging out with the wrong people. It is physically poisoning your body. It’s the same thing with alcohol. Alcohol hits your body and your body has nothing else that it can possibly do until it actually removes the alcohol away. It has to like get rid of it, it can’t like get any leaner, it can’t do anything, it has to get rid of the booze.

You gotta get rid of this negative energy, okay?

If you wanna do better and you wanna be in a better situation, in a better position, I promise you bro, you probably need better friends. You need a better circle, okay? And this is why so many people have this negative energy and are upset. It’s because you are hanging out with the wrong people.

The wrong things are being said that goes into your subconscious as your subconscious thinks when you go to sleep. Yeah they’re right, this doesn’t work. I’m not doing it right, I’m not doing the things. Listen, everything takes a little bit of time, but you also need the right kind of people.

That’s why there’s so many people that you see that leave their friends, their High School friends, their College friends. They’re like, “Nah I don’t really associate with them anymore.” It’s not ’cause the other people are bad people, it’s just that they have a different mindset than you and so you have a responsibility to yourself, to your future family or to your family now to get out of there and get in different circles.

If that means you might be isolated for a minute, its better to be isolated thinking good thoughts than together with people thinking bad things every single day. Sitting around drinking, thinking that everything is kind of a problem its not gonna work for me, things suck.

Listen, things suck for everyone until they don’t but the people that stopped are the people that it still sucks for, the people that keep going move forward, kinda talk to other people, start associating with different people, whether its older, younger, whatever the case those are the people that starts to grow, okay?

So I’m gonna tell you guys what you need to do.

You need to do this, its the concept of 33%. You need to spend 33% of your time with people that are better than you. I don’t mean like better but I mean like more positive, more abundant. That are in the position and the situation that you want to be in.

You need to spend 33% of the time with people that are coming up with you. That want the same things, have the same desires, are doing the same things and want to help and support each other be abundant and have more success.

Then you need to spend 33% of your time with people you can help and bring up, people you can help support, people you can teach what you are learning too, and kind of give them a hand as they come up, this is going to help you.

It’s gonna help you become a better learner. It’s gonna help you become a better teacher, and it’s gonna help expand your mind in a positive space. Were gonna do it right here, right.

So 33% of your time is gonna be spent with mentors. Now 33% of your other time is gonna be spent with people like you, abundant. Now I wrote abundant support because you want positive energy, you want good energy, you want people to be helping you, you want people that actually have the answer to your questions, you want people that when something’s going wrong they go, “Dude, it’s all good man that happened to me, I’m doing this to change it.” or “I’m going through something, like, thank you for the support.”

Be good to each other and help each other and kind of stay in a good place. These people might even help you in other ways. You know, there’s a people in this office because it’s this culture, right.

This particular culture that were a little chubbier before and now they’re in shape, they’re getting in shape, they’re getting more motivated, they’re reading books, because we force that on them and they become better.

They become better people, they think different, they have an abundant mindset, they think they can when they used to think they could not, okay? It’s on purpose, it’s because you’re hanging out with these circles that helps you succeed more. And then 33% you will help. You’re gonna help people come up, to here. That’s the goal, right?

Okay, so that’s what you need to be doing. If you’re hanging out with the wrong people, if you’re kind of in a bad position if you’re kind of just always stuck with this bad energy, you need to let that stuff go and you need to focus on the 33% rule.

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