Scale Your Agency to 6 Figures (And Beyond!)


Today I’m gonna teach you guys how to build a six figure agency.

If you guys have seen what we’ve been doing, we’ve been talking about the different types of agencies, how to do things, how to get your mind right, how to even get people out if they’re negative. So, we’re kind of mixing things up. We’ve got a little bit of sauce over here and then we got a little bit of juice over on IGTV, so make sure that you go to IGTV and you say “what’s up,” you follow me; also if you’re not subscribed, something’s wrong with you. Just subscribe, click notifications, and when my pretty face alerts you through the internet, you will be alerted of new content that’s gonna help you grow your business because that’s what I do.

You want to grow your business, so we’re going to teach you how to grow a six figure agency. We get a lot of people; we actually have an academy and we help people grow their businesses from six to seven because I kind of like to start with momentum and scale it up. But, I’m going to teach you guys how to go from zero to six figures. Real talk, all you need to do is hit this number. $8,300 a month. That is going to be, I think, about six figures ,if not, $96,000 dollars a year. Okay? You got a six figure agency. For the most part, you can live and you can do this almost as one, potentially two, little individuals. I’ve shown you on another video what types of agencies you can start. You don’t have to be an ad expert. You don’t have to be a video expert. You don’t have to be one of these things. You just have to train yourself to learn one of these skills.

If you want to do that, there’s a few different ways. Really, it’s all going to come down to price points, right? We’re going to get clients, but we don’t need to go out and get a ton of clients. I see a lot of people doing videos being like, yeah, you just need ten people at a thousand dollars and you’re going to make 10k. Yeah, I guess, dude. But, like, one of them leaves, you’re screwed. Two of them leave, now you’re, like, going all the way down and the problem with that is that you’re doing 10 things for, like, the minimum of money that you can possibly do. It’s going to break you. Time-wise, you’re just going to be like, man I’m stuck. I’m stuck here, right? So you need to get a higher price point and you need to understand that pricing solves the problem, okay, this is the problem.

This is the problem and the problem has a price. For us, as an example, we help people scale their businesses in our program, in our six figure agency if people have an agency, they come to us and they’re like dude I’m kind of stuck at six figures, how do I get to seven? So it’s very easy for me to say, well, we have the process, the systems, and the skills to help you in the next 90 days start to hit that seven figure run break. It’s $10,000 for us to do that for the next 90 days. Well, that seems pretty aggressive, “whoa, dude that’s nuts,” but it’s not nuts. Here’s why.

Your problem is you’re stuck, you have hit a ceiling.
So, you have nowhere else to go. I’m basically saying that for $10,000 I will alleviate that pain and I will get you past that ceiling. So, if you’re doing $20,000 a month and you pay me 10, and I can actually help you do this, you’re going to hit 30, 40, $50,000 a month, so I can triple, quadruple, or even 10x your revenue if you give me $10,000 because I have the solution to this problem. I have the solution, and so that’s what that costs, so the price then becomes really not, like, what are you paying me but the investment that you’re doing into your business to grow, it’s a different way of approaching things. If I just said, “I don’t know give me $10,000 and I’ll try to help,” like, there’s no real solution there, right? So people are going to be like, I don’t really want to work with you, man, like, I don’t know if I can get this to work but if I say, “listen, I’ve got testimonials, I’ve got everything, we’ve got the process, we do it ourselves, we’ve done it for many other people, this is what it costs and this is the process that’s going to get you to solve that problem,” it makes a lot more sense and your mind is clear and it goes, “okay, I know that I can solve that for this much money.”

The same thing when you’re selling products and processes and things like that. For advertising,  a lot of people are teaching Facebook ads so we’re gonna go there. You know what? I’m not going to go with that. I’m going to go with messenger bots. It’s going to cost, you want to do FB Bots, okay? The problem is that Facebook is rising in their price, their lead cost is a lot and people need new ways. Webinars don’t really work anymore. They work to some people, but more often people are having a hard time, people aren’t staying around. So your solution is, dude, I got a solution. The cost of your clicks are gonna cost less, you’re gonna be able to get more people inside your email, and you’re gonna be able to mail them, not only from email, but from Facebook itself and I can re-target these people back on Messenger. Not only that, but I’ll build you a three part series that addresses the problems for people that are quick, bite-sized chunks, so more people will view it and you’ll be able to have more people enrolling in your program.

“Oh, okay. What does that cost?” It’s $5,000. There’s a lot of coaches, consultants, business people that usually have something that makes sense to them in the thousand to multi-thousand dollars, so $5,000, they just got to get one to maybe five people to enroll in that, right? So, in one month, all you got to do is be able to help them succeed and pass that and it’s only $5,000. Now, all you have to do if you want to hit $8,300, which is six figures, you just got to get, honestly, two people a month.

Okay, two people a month, that’s going to be $10,000. But here’s the thing. Here’s where people that are teaching you to do the thousand dollar strategy are imbeciles and they don’t actually have a business. There’s no recurring, there’s no back-end, right? So you did this for $5,000, that’s a one-time fee. Dude, you want me to keep running these odds? You want me to manage this and keep making the conversation better and keep working on different flows and all that? Okay, that’s $2,000 dollars a month. Okay, so that’s $2,000 a month. So, let’s say in one month, just one month, you’re going to get three people. You get three people, that’s $15,000 upfront. But then let’s say, what is it, $6,000 a month. And then next month you only get one person because you’re like, “man, I kind of got excited, honestly I got a little lazy and I went to the beach and I didn’t do much work.” So, I just got one person on this, so that’s going to be another $5,000 and that guy dropped off, but that guy’s back on because he’s going to stay on. That keeps you at $6,000 a month, okay? You had one person drop off and so that means that recurring is down to four, but you had one more person next month and the other two are still paying recurring. You’re back at $6,000. Now if you do the math, the next month you were lazy, which you shouldn’t be, but you were. You still made $11,000 dollars, my guy. Boom.

I’m excited, I want to keep helping you guys. It is actually that simple. The problem is you’re trying to do too many things. You’re trying to be a Facebook expert. You don’t really know Facebook. You’re trying to be a bot expert and you don’t really know bots. You also want to take on Instagram. You want to do it for very, very low prices because you want to take, like, five or six people on and make the money. Take the time, get good at the skill, and get the right clients and they won’t leave.

Our clients on our agency division, for example, stay for 9 to 12 months. It’s unheard of. It’s weird. Most people stay for three. We’ve got three times that, almost four times that as an agency. Why? Because we’re good at this stuff. But we have experts and we stay and we’re very honed in on the craft, so you have to actually be good so you can actually make this money. You can’t just be like, “Yeah, I’m going to do it. I bought a Ty Lopes course. That’s what’s up. I’m going to go attack that,” and then you find some way to get a client and you kind of just sell yourself as much as you can and you offer all these things, that you can’t deliver on, it’s a bad taste in the person’s mouth, they’re not going to refer you, and now you’re done. The opposite way, you take a little bit more time, it’s a great taste in this dude’s mouth, he refers you, and he stays on. Imagine if these people stayed on, that would be another $2,000 here. So that’s 13 and if I only keep getting one person a month, my recurring starts to tack into 15, 17, $20,000 a month, okay?

So think about this. The two main things. I’m going to make it very simple; have one offer, but have a backend. One backend to start. Make sure that this backend is recurring, and you will build inside of four months or so.I’m giving you leeway, I can do this in, I built the seven figure one in like two months, but you’re probably getting started. You can do this in four months, that’s it. And as you’re going, you’re learning, you’re getting better and then you can continue to scale that.

Listen, if you guys have more questions on stuff like that I’m going to keep making content because I know this is the kind of stuff you guys have been liking. You’ve been going on my page, you’ve been going on Instagram, @LosHustle, DMing me, sliding all the way in, married. But I still take all the answers and I create new content for you guys on this stuff, okay, so make sure you let me know if you’re going to actually use this approach and if you have questions, I’m always in there answering questions and if not, honestly Dan jumps on and he answers them as well, okay, so make sure you guys subscribe, join the notifications, don’t sleep on the Instagram, we’ll see you guys later. Go make money!