Starting an Instagram Business | How to Grow on Instagram in 2019

So today we’re talking about how to start an Instagram business.

A lot of people have started to ask me this because my Instagram is growing. I think I’m at like 90 something thousand.

We’ve been able to monetize that, we’ve been able to build other pages. We have a network of over five million with the pages that we have.

So we’ve really been able to learn and manage and scale Instagram. You want to make sure you’re up-to-date with these things and you’re using this platform for your brands.

I do a lot of things on my Instagram, but the majority of stuff actually comes from our Head of Social here, Roddy. So these are some points that me and him discussed. And this is what we’re gonna give you guys.

We’re gonna talk about Insta, monetizing, growing your audience, scaling your personal brand, your persona and different things like that.

This is just one of many posts. So, if you really wanna do this right, watch every single video, and read each blog post.

So, if you wanna learn how to start an Instagram business, first off, you really need to start learning how to begin your whole Instagram journey and start that.

I see people with 1,000 followers or 500, and they’re like, yeah, man, I’m following and following people, but I’m not making any money.

So before we get into monetizing, which will be in this series, I wanna talk to you guys about building your brand on Instagram.

Tip number #1: You need to form your whole brand. What are you selling? What are you about? What is your topic? I know this sounds logical, but the majority of people that I’ve been talking to still have no real core offer.

They don’t have anything specific. Or they wanna do too many things. So niche that down. Pick a niche.

For example, I do a lot of work with personal trainers, coaches, people in the fitness space. I don’t really veer from that. I could, ’cause we’re big enough to where we could go out. But it works better for us because we’re dialed in on that offer, on that person, on that avatar. So pick an avatar, pick a niche, pick exactly their pain points, and build your Instagram not only to give you content, but to address their pain points.

You can do a lot of this using Instagram stories. So that’s tip number one. Build a brand, build an avatar, and start having those conversations on stories.

Tip #2: Focus on your brand. What is your brand? Okay, we know now what our niche is and the avatar, but what are we like? What is our brand standard? What do we look like?

If you are just posting random things, you’re gonna have random people following you.

Well that’s kinda okay I guess, if you just wanna boost your numbers. It’s not congruent and you’re not having the right conversation with people.

So I would suggest figuring out your brand.

Mine is Los, I have specific colors, I’m in light purple, gray. I have my logo. We have like even different filters that we use specifically to make my page look some type of way. It’s very specific because I want to project a luxury, higher-end, because I sell very expensive services and higher in courses, and I bring people in here for higher-end events and masterminds.

I don’t want to project randomness and me going out and drinking all the time or showing you what I eat. It just doesn’t make sense, it’s not really brand congruent with me.

So once you know your avatar and once you know your niche, you wanna set up your standard. These are topics that I wanna cover and things like that.

Tip #3: You want to start having a definitive amount of things that you want to be known for.

For me, I wanna talk about building businesses, scaling businesses, operations, personal developments.

Those are things that I like, those are things that I’m good at, those are the things that I get paid for on consultative basis because I do those things every day.

So I show stats, I give content, I give knowledge on that, I give long form sales copy. If you go to my Instagram, it’s all long form. I’m giving as much value as I possibly can. I’m not just randomly throwing pictures out like that.

I want people to get to know me as a person. I want people to get to know the good things that I can increase their business with value-wise.

So I want to have a few topics that I cover every day. This also makes it easy for you when you’re doing Instagram stories. When you’re doing Instagram stories, you can set up daily themes…

Mondays, I’m gonna talk about personal development, just get people motivated for the week.

Tuesdays, I’m gonna show some testimonials of other people that I’ve helped and we’re gonna talk about that.

Wednesdays, have people swipe up and they’re gonna go to the videos that we do on YouTube.

Thursdays, we’re gonna talk about topics such as operations or something like ads, or Instagram itself.

Fridays might be a little bit of a free style, I’m just gonna go off the cuff and show people what I’m doing inside of the office, what we’re working on and how we’re increasing and scaling those things.

Saturdays I can take off or I can do some lifestyle stuff with the fans, so I can show that I’m living an actual lifestyle and I’m a human being, I’m not always just working every second of the day.

Lastly Sundays, I can kind of take it off a little bit, keep it cool. Or kind of get people excited about the things that I’m gonna cover next week.

So now, you know exactly what you need to do to really start building your brand on Instagram.

Have a brand, have that concept of a brand. Who are you talking to? What is the avatar? What is your page? What should it look like? What’s your kind of branded business and personality standard? What kind of content you wan to produce? What kind of value you want to give?

People are in Instagram to look at things. They’re swiping, right? So you’ve gotta keep their attention with things that are important to them, not things that are important to you.

As always thank you for watching, reading, and keeping up to date with the business knowledge that I drop here every Tuesday and Thursday. If you want to watch more videos like the one above just click the link below and say hey in the Youtube comments over there!