3 Switches We Made To Take Our Client’s Mo. Revenue From $20K to Breaking 7-Fig

What’s up, guys. Sorry for not posting in awhile. We just recently moved offices, so it’s been a little chaotic finding the time to sit down and write. Although it’s been crazy, everything inside our business is growing so it isn’t too bad.

But anyways, I’m here to talk to you guys about a client of ours and how we were able to scale his brand to 7-figures in a short period of time with our coaching program. 

To give a little perspective beforehand, we work with a lot with people in the fitness industry; most of them are fitness influences and personal trainers who have like 2, 3, 4, and 500,00 to over a million followers. And most of them either have a gym location, and are trying to build the hybrid process by taking things online, or they already do things online and they’re trying to figure out how to get it to scale.

So, that’s who we try to help, and that’s who we primarily serve. We’ve built one of the largest companies in the fitness influencer space and coaching in America over the past four years and have reached eight figures this year doing it. We’re hopeful by next year with our goals, we’ll hit multiple eight figures with all of the projects that we have internally, but that’s something for another time.

Anyways, the reason I’m writing this blog, the reason I’m sharing this story of our client we helped is because I want to help you guys, too. I was there, I was a struggling entrepreneur trying to figure out how to get things to work, and I didn’t know the processes or systems. Over the last 4 years however, we’ve learned how to scale any brand or offer to multiple 6, 7, and 8-figures and that’s how we developed the coaching program that we have today.

Now back to this case study I wanted to share with you guys. A friend of mine named Akaash, and who is actually now my fitness coach, came to us wondering if we would be able to help him. 

He’s just like a lot of people that come to us; he was struggling, and he was at a revenue plateau. He was doing inconsistent $20K-ish months, so he was leveraging all his time for money, and he was doing, maybe at max, $20,000 a month, which can be pretty good revenue, but really, he was spending all his time working, he was starting to get beat up, and he was very unhappy with the people that he was working with, and serving.

So he came to us and said, “Los, I need a solution. I need to figure out how to do this the right way, in a better way…  There’s gotta be a better way. I’ve heard a lot about you from different people, and they keep telling me you’re the guy I need.”

I had him fill out an application so I could see everything out on the table before we spoke. Once we talked, I could tell it was a good fit and we brought him into our coaching program. From there, I showed him three essentials he needed to change to start breaking through this plateau he was struggling from and once he implemented those changes, his revenue went from the inconsistent $20K’s, all the way into 7-Figures of consistent revenue.

Now, how I want to help you is by going over these changes I advised him to make because chances are, if you begin doing the same thing, you might just start to see your numbers go up, too.

Number one, we changed his ideal avatar.

A lot of the time when you’re doing coaching and personal training online, offline, and you’re a fitness trainer, you’re kind of just aiming for anyone. There’s no clear direction of who your ideal client is, and you’re so focused on hitting your numbers that you get into this mindset of, “Sure, I’ll take all of you guys on.”

That’s what Akaash was doing and he was working with people who weren’t his ideal avatar. It started to cause some major issues, too. 

One, he was unhappy. You have to be happy in what you’re creating or you’ll never find the fulfillment you’re spending a lifetime trying to achieve. 

Second, that particular person in their 20’s and 30’s, doesn’t have a real budget. This made is extremely difficult for what Akaash was trying to create, and he wanted to create something that really helped people become optimal. 

It’s hard to bring all the value you have to someone if they’re unable to budget it accordingly. It’s not a matter of, “I need money,” but it’s not just the fitness they’re paying for. 

So, we really dove deep and broke down his avatar, and it turns out we completely shifted his entire audience. He was charging a couple thousand dollars for doing workout trainings, and then we shifted everything into him being very specific with who he serves. We were able to have him now help entrepreneurs and executives get into the best shape of their lives so they can be optimized in fitness, mindset, and their business.

Notice how specific that is? Helping entrepreneurs and executives, high performers, get optimal with their food, get optimal with their workouts, so they can be optimized and ready to work because that’s who they are? 

That’s what you have to do. You have to know your ideal avatar, the exact audience you will best serve.

Anyways, most of his clients tended to be very alpha. They were very aggressive, very intense, very goal oriented and driven, and so they care a lot about what they put in their bodies, how to be efficient, and they wanted to excel in basically everything, including their fitness, which a lot of times kind of takes a backseat.

That’s when we worked on a process and a project that could help him really create the avatar, and then execute a Good Offer.

We took his offer from a four week process straight into an eight week process, completely rebranding and restructuring it to fit his new avatar. How we changed the offer was that in those eight weeks, he optimizes your food, water intake, almost like a mad-scientist completely biohacking everything inside your body. From that point on, he sets you up to have success in your overall life by taking something like eating, which is very simple, and turns it into something more automatic. It may seem a little weird and ridiculous because to most of us, eating is just eating, but a lot of times for these entrepreneurs, it’s really hard to find the time, the right food choices, and the most efficient overall.

He customizes their eating habits, he customizes their water drinking habits, he gave them the right supplementation, and now those people are in better shape, they feel better. All of this customizing, precision, and supplements has helped them to have better cognitive function, and they’re able to work, and be more efficient in their business and life.

And so you have to think about how easy the sale becomes. The avatar is dialed in, and Akaash knows this so he can say, “Hey, if I can create a system for you that will create more output for you at work, and make you look and feel better, is that worth 5, 6, 7, or 8 thousand dollars over eight weeks?”

Yeah, no problem, no brainer, right? It’s a no brainer for these people, too.

And that’s how he was able to really serve his avatar. He was able to take what he was originally doing, optimize it, and put it into a real concrete offer that was now serving the right audience. Just by doing that, he was able to organically get to a point where he is now; scaling into the 7-Figure revenue tier. 

Now we’re working with him on phase two, which is taking this into paid media. This is where we target the new avatar online and bring them into an application to apply to work with him. Once he calls to see if they’re a good fit for him to be working with them, that’s where he sells them the solution. But it’s not selling them the product… he is selling them the SOLUTION of what these people are looking for, because he dialed in the avatar.

So that’s pretty much the case study of Akaash and how we were able to take him from inconsistent $20k months of personal training where all his time was spent trying to get money into a system that now is more automated, systematized, simplified, with the right avatar, the right message, and the right solution for his audience that now has him scaling to over 7-Figures a year.

If after reading this, you thought about how you might need help, we can help you. We’ll do the same thing we did for my friend Akaash and dial in your systems, dial in your processes, understand your avatar, and scale from where you are to where you really want to be without taking more time from yourself.

Honestly, it’s really just helping by removing time and building a more systematized approach. So if this sounds like something you’d want to do, then click this link to apply, and if it’s a good fit, we’ll get on a conversation and let you know what the next steps are. 

Thanks for sticking around, look forward to talking to you soon!

  • Los