The OFFICIAL Guide to Starting a Digital Agency (2019)

I always constantly have people asking us how to build businesses. We’ve been talking about building businesses to six and seven figures.. The big thing today that I want to talk to you guys is how to build an agency.

I see a lot of people selling courses on how to build agencies and these people don’t even actually have an agency. They’re doing some side hustle free lance work, and they don’t know what’s going on.

They push you to do the same Facebook marketing stuff. But here’s the problem, you may not know Facebook marketing. And here’s really the thing, if you’re doing marketing, Facebook marketing or whatever, and you don’t know how to do the thing, you suck, you’re not a good person.

You’re not going to actually have success long term and it’s not good for you on a brand way because you’re doing to get a bad name. People are working hard earned money. They’re giving it to you, they want you to help them succeed. It is your literal responsibility. It is your duty to help them succeed.

Listen, sometimes things happen, and it doesn’t work, there’s a campaign that has an issue or something, I get it, it happens to everyone. But if you don’t know what you’re doing and you’re selling stuff, you’re trash. You’re trash, like real talk.

So anyways, today I’m going to show you guys how we do it because we move different. We really do this stuff, okay. We have our own companies that do seven figures, eight figures. We have an agency division that does seven figures.

I’m not out here telling you how to coach coaches on coaching or giving you motivational vibes. I’m going to tell you how to really do this stuff.

You can make money and you can help and support the people that you’re doing this with. But if you don’t believe me, check out the testimony here below.

Drew Manning: My name is Drew Manning, and I own a business called Fit2Fat2Fit. I started this business about six years ago. I wrote a book, became a New York Times bestseller and it became a hit TV show on A&E. I really wish, honestly, that I met someone like Los years ago because they’ve been able to take my business online to where I dreamed about it going but it hasn’t happened until just recently. I’ve made more money with them in one month than I have the past two years of trying to monetize it by myself. And so I’m a huge believer in Los that I will talk to anybody about what they do and how it can benefit you and your business. And so for me, I’m just so thankful and grateful that I met them and I’ve been super impressed with the results that I’ve gotten online with Fit2Fat2Fit.

Los: Listen, I’m going to show you guys different types of agencies that you can start. Now the thing that I suggest is that you actually get good at this one thing and then you start supplementing with additional services.

I’m going to make another video on that called bolt-on services. How you can add an extra 50 to 100 thousand to your business by having what’s called bolt-on services.

So right now, I’m going to start, and I’m going to talk to you guys about some agency ideas that you can have. It does not have to be just Facebook, okay.

So we’re going to start with this. So bots, what do I mean by that. Chatmatic, that’s the bot service that we use. Shout out to by boy Travis Stevenson. He owns Chatmatic. The best service to use Chat bots, okay, for Facebook.

This is the best hands down service. There’s also another one called ManyChat. And so, basically what you do with this is you’re building a sequence inside of Facebook Messenger.

Okay, and inside of Facebook Messenger, you’re helping people kind of build conversations inside of that. Kind of like it’s own funnel. And if you maximize and understand how to learn that I think Facebook just launched some stuff on F8 saying they’re going to be putting a lot more effort into this.

This is the new gold mine for marketers and for small businesses, medium side and big side businesses to create more conversations and get better leads. I think it’s going to be a lot with Chatbots and so you guys can get good with Chatbots and have a specialized chat building agency, you only run traffic to that Chatbot and then you only retarget Messenger, okay.

You can charge between three to ten thousand dollars per person, and then you can have that monthly contract to run the ads as well.

So lets say you’re charging five, just to put it in the middle for a Chatbot, and then two thousand dollars to run that. You’re getting five thousand dollars upfront and two thousand dollars a month.

You need five clients to make 25 thousand upfront and then ten thousand dollars on the back recurring. Boom, your welcome. That’s a six figure business.

Obviously the more of that you do, the more it’s going to scale into seven. I’m not going to be doing math here with you. You can get it, you can imagine all your own scenarios.

If you want to figure out how to build your whole life on, based off what I call lifestyle design, we’re going to make another video on that, so make sure you guys are always watching the IGTVs because it’s exclusive, okay.

So, the second one that we can do is the logical one. We’re going to go onto this. You can run Facebook ads for people.

Now don’t go running Facebook ads for people and then doing Chatbots, and then doing funnels, and then seeing that you can do Shopify. You can’t, you’re not good at that. All those things are actually different things. They take different skills if you’re just getting started, you’re going to need to actually focus and hone in your skill set on one of those things.

We’ve got over 20 people, over 40 people total in our businesses, right. We can do this stuff because we have experts. I’m not the expert at all these things. We have experts at all these things so that’s why we can do that for services that we actually help people on, okay.

So focus on one service. But these are two different agency ideas.

The next one, kind of staying in traffic. Facebook is having a hard time. Costs are going up. People are trying to look at different places to go. So you can go Google.

Google, you can do two things, you can actually do three. You can do display, it’s kind of it’s own skill set, but you can technically, it’s in the Google family.

You can do YouTube ads for people and then you can also do Search, which is kind of like when you search something on Google, your name pops up.

Those ads are basically all the ads that you can be using the Google platform, okay.

Now again, if you’re a Google expert, you could understand Facebook. Most likely, you’re not the same person. You can become a good media buyer, but that’s a different thing. We can make another video on that. You need to stay focused on doing one thing and having one service.

Okay, now I’m going to give you one more, okay. So that’s Instagram. Now, you actually need to understand how this works with Instagram.

You’re not going to be running paid ads on this. The way that Instagram ads work, the way that Instagram growth works right now is basically you go to other pages, okay.

Gary Vaynerchuk, and all these big people like Dan Lok and stuff like that growing their pages. It’s not by accident and great content. That is one thing, okay, the great content. But really, they’re going out to a huge network of people and they’re buying space on these pages and saying hey, for more content like this, go follow my boy, Los. Go follow Dan Lok. Go follow Kent Clotheir.

Okay, and so you’re going to have to basically figure out where to get the pages, how to connect with the pages, and sell that.

It’s a lot of work, and it’s kind of like a small circle, so you can actually charge a good amount of money because it’s actually expensive to go buy these drops with people. And then you’re going to manage the pages, okay.

Manage the content. Manage all the hashtags and manage the growth of the page and the person that you’re helping. And you can charge in that one easily between one to two, all the way up to 25, 50 thousand dollars a month depending how much growth these people want, okay.

If you’re a beginner, you’re obviously in the one to twos. But it’s easily accessible now. You’re in Dms right now all day, boom, boom, boom. Hey, you want more growth? You want more growth? You want more growth? They’re going to get ten people, ten k okay.

The last one, okay, that you can do here. You’re like dude, I can’t do any of these things, is this. So what I mean with that, like video media. It’s kind of like media production, okay. This is actually something that we launched inside of our business because we have an Emmy nominated head of media here, Dan, on the back right there.

So Dan is back there. And so Dan has won Emmys. He’s done a lot of like big video stuff. We’ve produced a lot of content for ourselves, our brands, and our clients.

I was like man, I bet you we can probably charge for content for people. Then end up stacking all these other services, right. So we do that. If you want content, we will create and produce, and edit and do everything for content for you.

And then what’s the next logical step. We jump into Instagram. And then what’s the next logical step. Well, you want people to see it right? You can probably put a lot of this Insta stuff on YouTube. So lets just run YouTube ads.

Well dude, if you’re doing YouTube ads, lets just run into Facebook ads. Well if you’re doing Facebook ads man, the next logical step is that you actually start using Chatbots, right.

So now you can see how we stack all of our stuff because we have the skillset to start here, go here, go here, go here.

We have clients paying upwards of 25, 35 thousand dollars a month. The average client pays about ten thousand dollars a month to work with us. They don’t do all this stuff, but they do a few of these things, right.

But again, this is because we’re proficient in our skills and frankly we’re probably the best out there, okay.

I’m not saying it to brag. Like we actually have the plaques to prove it.

So, if you guys want to learn how to build an agency, this is the best way.

Start with one thing, and then move into the next, the next logical skillset. The next logical skillset. And that is going to help you guys not only get really proficient with one thing, but then get good at something else, and be able to stack and bolt-on another business and service inside of your stuff, okay.

For more stuff, guys, if you’re watching on Instagram, make sure that you actually follow me and you watch all the IGTVs. If you are reading this on the blog make sure to come hang out with us over at YouTube.

Click the link to hang out with us on YouTube.. I am super active over there in the comments helping people with their business questions..