What is a Sales Funnel? | Sales Funnels EXPLAINED

Let’s talk Sales funnels.

Now what is a sales funnel? What is the best way to use a sales funnel?

So we’re getting ready for a bunch of product launches in 2019. The new year is about to start or, if you’re watching this video it probably already actually started.

Welcome to 2019.

We’re launching a lot of sales funnels. We’re launching a lot of products, services, courses.. etc. So we have to create a variety of sales funnels.

A sales funnel is basically a few different things, but the easiest way to say it is: An ascension path of selling different things.

For example, let’s say that you’re doing something in high ticket, and your goal is to take people through an application.

It is a system. The whole thing turns into a system. A little flywheel that works upon itself.

A sales funnel basically takes the view through.. well you guess it… a funnel.

In the high ticket space you would start with value. Create value in a video, and then lead the audience into a lead magnet. If you don’t know what a lead magnet is then head over to my YouTub channel to watch my video: What is a Lead Magnet? | Lead Magnet Explained. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSeGmNBL0Y-3oLXxvlwK0LQ?sub_confirmation=1

That lead magnet gives you something of value and now I have your email.

I take you into another conversation within email, or I’ll up sell you potentially into some sort of offer.

Now, if I don’t up sell you in that moment, I will take you to an application.

After the application, if you fill it out, we schedule a time to work together, have a conversation about if it’s a good fit. There’s some intricacies that happen in this.

If you say no, we have a retargeting sequence. If you go on email, we have a different series of emails, sending you content and videos on concepts and things that make sense in your industry to help you further the decision in trying to fill out the application and work with us.

So that is a high ticket sales funnel. Can you do lower ticket things? 100%.

You can do a lead magnet into a smaller offer, let’s just say the offer is $37.

This would be an ascension funnel. After the $37, you have a one time offer.

Which means, “Hey, you’re only gonna see this offer “one more time. It’s in this sales funnel.”

And let’s just say that offer costs $67 or $97. Then you buy that thing. And then often times there’s even another up sell, right.

You’re just ascending people through a path of a logical step in something that you’re particularly selling.

For example if I was selling fitness products or supplements, I would offer a 10 day Keto checklist.

You get the checklist, and then I say “Hey, if you really wanna work in improving your Keto, “this is a system that we build “that helps people get into Ketosis “and get in great shape in 60 days.”

Boom. They take that.

Then the next logical step would say, “Hey, if you want to really accelerate your results, “you would wanna try these supplements, “or particularly maybe this coaching.” or something like that. Then you sell them supplements or coaching.

Lead funnels and sales funnels are helping you build a conversation with someone, ascend them into a situation and a path that creates a conversation of either sale immediately, or sale through some sort of an application, so you can continuously bring in leads.

This how you’re able to scale.

We can go a lot more deeper into these things, and I will in other videos. But if you wanna know more head over to my YouTube channel to see new Business Thought videos every Tuesday and Thursday. I am live in the comments answering questions and helping you guys grasp these concepts.

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