Why You Need an Abundance Mindset

Today, I’m going to talk to you about something different, something most people don’t talk about.

How to create an abundant mindset.

A big aspect when owning a business is mindset.

Most people don’t talk about it because they have a broken mindset.

Now, you’re probably watching a lot of different people’s YouTube videos, and good for you, that’s great stuff.

The thing is, you’re watching different people have different tactics, and that’s great if you wanna build a five-figure business, maybe a six-figure business, and you can probably even move your way into a seven-figure business.

For me personally, I’m trying to build a multi-eight-figure business, I’m trying to scale.

I have a lot of things that I want to achieve, and inside of business, it comes from mindset.

First off, not having a scarcity mindset.

See, a lot of people won’t put content out like this, won’t give the content that I give, because they feel that they can charge, and sell that content.

And while sure, that’s true, I have an abundant mindset.

I’ll give you guys everything because one, I know that only like five percent of you are gonna do it.

Two, I know that if I really help you, you’ll come work with us in different capacity, you’ll join our coaching program, you’ll hire us for consulting, you’ll introduce us to a friend that’ll help.

So I have a more abundant mindset, and I challenge you guys to have a more abundant mindset in everything that you do.

Two, to have an abundant mindset, you need to be grateful.

A lot of people are always upset of where they are, upset that they’re not hitting the next level, but too many times, if you ask the people that are extremely successful, they’re not upset, they’re grateful.

I’m always grateful, I write, every single day, things that I’m grateful for. I know that sounds cheesy. I used to think it was cheesy, too. But it really helps me when I am not where I want to be, I really sit, and think back to how grateful I am.

Grateful that I am able to do these things, that I’m able to work with the people that I’m able to work with, that I’m able to eat the way I eat, and hang out the way I hang out.

Four or five years ago, I didn’t have a business, I didn’t know what to do next, I was kinda lost and broken.

Now, we have a thriving business, we’re working to build a multiple eight-figure business, we’ve got a lot of things going on, and it’s all great.

However I’m grateful for the times that sucked, because I do not think that I would be here if those times had not taught me certain lessons.

Always be grateful for where you are.

Number three, as you build your business and you build your mindset, think bigger.

It’s gonna create a bigger abundance mindset.

I used to think smaller.

When I first started, I wanted 3,000 dollars a month, and I didn’t think about groceries and food, ’cause I was like hey, I’m gonna go to my parents house and eat.

I could not compute making more than 3,000 dollars a month, I was like, I don’t know how that would even happen, I can go to my parents and eat, I just can pay for my house and cars and stuff, with this and have some other money.

Then, it was 10,000 dollars, and then it was 100,000 dollars, and then it was a million dollars, and now it’s like multiple million dollars.

So, what changed? My adaptation of thinking that things are acceptable and non-acceptable, what do I mean by that?

A lot of entrepreneurs that are hitting five and six figures they’re stuck there, because their mind is stuck there.

I never knew that I could hit a million dollars a month until I hit it, but once I hit a million dollars a month, doing 100,000 dollars a month on something is just irrelevant to me, it’s just like the beginning.

My baseline’s 100 grand, and I’m not saying that to be some sort of way, or to like make you feel like I’m doing good, no, it’s like my mindset changed, and it shifted.

And so now if I start something, it has to hit 100,000 dollars within 30 to 60 to 90 days, or else it’s like not working for me, because this is just normal to me. And, I can hit it, I’ve always managed to hit it, because I see the numbers now, and it’s just basic math.

But I broke out of that mindset.

My plans are bigger, my thought process is bigger.

It’s because I’m more abundant in my mindset. And because I am more abundant in my mindset, my strategies are bigger, and I’ve been able to do these things because I’ve been able to think of business in a bigger, broader scope.

Like before, I just wanted to make money. Then, I just wanted to make money for me and the people that were here to do okay.

Now, I have a mission, and I have a vision, and I wanna build the largest influencer management company in the world, work with influencers, own brands with influencers, scale that to be like a huge Procter and Gamble, and be the biggest one in the world.

Then I wanna have a coaching and accelerator company that helps entrepreneurs and business people learn how to do these things, and have one of the best coaching and consulting companies in the planet.

Those are my two missions, that is it, and that’s all I care about, that’s what I wake up to do, that’s what I wake up to like focus on, that’s the videos that I shoot, everything has a purpose now.

I’m extremely purpose-driven because I built a mission and a vision inside of my life, and my business. Now I’m able to show everybody hey, are you aligned with this, is this what you wanna do?

And everyone that works here is aligned with the mission, and the vision, and then that creates core values, and that creates a culture, and it’s just expanded everything, and then we realized, well, if we wanna do this, a million bucks a month just isn’t enough.

We’ve gotta scale to a crazy amount of scale, and that’s gonna take us maybe a decade, and that’s fine, because we can hit all these goals, because we’re mission-driven, and we’re abundance mindset-driven, and we’re not held by scarcity, or other people’s thought processes.

I don’t care, when I go to parties and events, and I tell people my dreams and where I am, and people like talk negatively or tell me that I can’t, I just understand that their mindset’s broken, and they can’t see the things that I can see, and that is it.

That is the difference between me and other people.

I can see the things that I want to achieve, as achievable. And they can see the things that they want to achieve, as dreams.

I don’t dream, I have goals, and that’s the huge difference.

When you shift the way you think, you shift the way you act.

When you shift the way you act, the shift happens on everything that you focus on, and everything that you create.

Then when you do these things, results start to happen, and you build consistency inside of your business, inside of your life, and every single thing that you do.

So I hope that you guys understand this and can apply serious abundance mindset, mission-driven, and core value-based concepts inside of your business.

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